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  1. Another EdPo! Oh no! Big box of curriculum from RR scheduled to arrive today! I might've just had my itty bitty world rocked, though. I read the online sample of TWTM. Then I ordered the book. It's on its way. Now I'm rethinking EVERYTHING. Seriously. I might even order WWE to see if it gains any traction with Oldest. Can't hurt. I drank a cup of coffee (first time in over 2 weeks) to help me think clearly and now my wheels are literally spinning in place at 100 mph. 🤦‍♀️
  2. EdPo: The last of my curriculum stuff is in transit and now I'm looking at a whole different curriculum (one I thought I'd never ever be interested in) and I'm now wondering if Oldest might like it better. What is wrong with me!? I can't believe I'm even considering it. They kinda got me with their free booklist of prescreened wholesome literature books that uphold family values. Nah, too workbooky. I really don't think Oldest would go for it. I'm still going to utilize their booklist, though. And possibly their grammar cards game. EdPo over
  3. Someone catch me up please. If it's better, pm me. I've been confused for days now.
  4. This makes so much more sense. See what happens when I drop in randomly 😂
  5. I think you're version of camping is much closer to civilization than mine. I like yours better.
  6. Morning all! I need to clean out a bunch of stuff in the schoolroom. Nothing major, more like reorganizing than cleaning out. I wanted to order an intermediate dictionary and thesaurus for Oldest this year but the one I think we'll like best is on backorder. Lovely. Yep, that's sarcasm from Servie this morning. Sorry. I miss coffee.
  7. Sir Conference books, math facts that stick games, and lots of card games and board games like Phase 10 and Monopoly.
  8. Ok, finalized: R&S grade 5 Bible, English, math, and spelling R&S grade 6 science + CLP grade 5 Nature Reader Notgrass From Adam to Us (book 1 only) with the workbook and maps. We'll read the primary source readings and the literature books for this, but I've purchased Novel Ties for all but Aesop's fables to help with book specific vocabulary and oral comprehension questions per chapter. In addition, I'm adding CLPs grade 6 book Story of Inventions and a 6 book set of hardbacks about aircraft carriers, submarines, ect that Oldest will be super excited about. For music and art, were going to look up instruments and art from the time periods as we encounter them in history and maybe attempt projects that relate. I'm not overly creative when it comes to this, but surely Google will help me find something. PE is seasonal and usually sports.
  9. Ooo, I just thought of something! If you teach the consonant and short vowel sounds, your older kids could write and illustrate basic cvc story books for your little guy to read. Creative writing and art! I am sooo going to make Oldest do this for the littles in a couple of years 😂
  10. Oldest already knew the alphabet and sounds for each letter including long and short vowels (from watching LeapFrog DVDs) and was reading Bob books before starting CLE.
  11. With Oldest, I used CLE Learn to Read. Thinking of using SWR with Cursive First for the littles, though.
  12. I'm probably not much help because I've never used either program, but I've thoroughly researched both of them over the years. Masterbooks seems very light, indeed. Lighting Lit looks great and I might've given it a try if I hadn't found an English program we like or if we wanted to integrate our Reading with English and Writing. We used CLE for years and then switched to Rod & Staff before I knew about LL, though. I like that the lessons are actually shorter than CLE and I can assign only what I want done in a given day and speed up/ slow down as needed. For some reason, keeping Reading separate from English works better for us.
  13. I bought 4 Novel Ties along with CLP's 5th grade Nature Reader and The Story of Inventions.
  14. @KrissiK The Novel Ties for the books Oldest will be reading alongside Notgrass A2Us are rated for 6th grade but Oldest is going into 5th. Anything really different between the guides for these two grades? I may call RR to ask a little later. Update: Called RR and the rep said there isn't a lot of difference between the two grades other than the answers for the comprehension questions may require a little more thought. She was nice enough to let me know they have a youtube video showing the inside of several different lit guides for comparison, too! https://youtu.be/R10cZWZCgmk
  15. If you were planning for 6 hrs straight, you need to remember to take occasional breaks. ITT demands your presence. Priorities.
  16. I'm not sure. That's part of the reason I posted this thread. I'm looking for programs with a similar structure. It might not be so bad having the CO in only the reading program. At the time, we were doing all 6 subjects in CLE so it seemed like CO was popping up more and more frequently because it sortof alternated. One day it would be in history, the next day in reading, ect. My son was younger at the time- sensitive and very impressionable. Also, it seemed to me that CLE had lots of stories and info about Anabaptist martyrs, but not any other Christian martyrs.
  17. We initially began our homeschooling journey using CLE for ALL subjects for 4 years.
  18. Slachie, CLE reading worked great but the ever increasing amount of conscientious objection in the stories was what made us discontinue and move to just reading lots of good books for a year. That is my only reservation with going back to it. Abeka is a no. I do not know what BFB is. Total Language Plus! That looks promising! I knew I could count on you to come up with something amazing for me to investigate! Thanks! I wonder why no likes R&S over CLE for reading? It looks simpler in structure, much like comparing both of their english and math programs.
  19. Ed Po: Would one of you who know me PLEASE jump over to my thread in K-8 and tell me what to do?! I can't decide! I NEED to decide. I cannot make up my mind. Reading for Oldest (5th grade): CLE, R&S, or Novel Ties for Golden Goblet, Bronze Bow, Single Shard, and Adam of the Road?
  20. Yes, actually, I have. I don't care for MBTP and LL is great other than we already have an English grammar and writing curriculum.
  21. I got sick with a summer cold and the congestion in my throat/nose was bad enough that coffee was just not happening. By the time I was better enough to drink it again, I'd already powered through the caffeine withdrawal headaches so I decided not to go back when I'm pretty sure coffee was the source of about 90% of my daily sugar and dairy intake. I'll still have a cup from time to time with friends, but not every day if I can restrain myself.
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