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  1. Me neither. I fell asleep while DH and Oldest watched it. I remember Oldest running around afterwards pronouncing banana in that weird way that only minions do.
  2. Sorry! I couldn't make it stop! Had to log out and log back in.
  3. I wasn't sweating it. It's a foreign language and I do not know any foreign language. Honestly, I thought it was Spanish because of the comment earlier from Carolina Wren about plants and washing bananas and how Spanish class was going. 😂
  4. I thought you were using OPG. What made you decide Phonics Pathway? Yes, I'm researching way early for the youngers cause that one little sample of WTM flipped my world upside down. Lol I can't get rid of this box. Sorry.
  5. Ah, now the picture is getting clearer. I thought you were implementing and he was rebelling. Haha. I hope you can help him find a system that works for him. I can see how that would be frustrating. DH gets overwhelmed when he already has a full day/week scheduled and then something comes up with a customer (emergencies happen) that HAS to be addressed and we have to reschedule EVERYTHING.
  6. HOURLY?! 😱 I would leave that planner at home too! Or die 😂 I look at SL alot and BF when I remember to, but I had no idea Timeline of the Classics even existed. Thanks! Off to Google...
  7. I'm looking at reviews on more books for Oldest. The ones that go along with history (that I bought Novel Ties for) I think are going to be read alouds this year so I can be more involved. So I thought I'd order some new books for him to just enjoy. If he likes a book alot, he tends to want to read aloud to us, so.... More books, books, books.
  8. I wasn't sure how to react. Laugh or cry. So I laughed because I totally get it. We keep a big wall calendar in the kitchen and anything that gets scheduled (dr appts, out of town commitments, visitors coming, ect) go on this calendar or they do not exist. I do have to check the big desk calendar in the office, though, before scheduling stuff if I need DH for any of it so he can try to plan his work accordingly. We have friends who use an online planner or app (not sure) where the whole family (husband, wife, and the kids old enough to have smart phones) can put stuff on it and it syncs from all of their phones. No need to remember a physical planner.
  9. Peaches must be coddled; they are not as forgiving as apples. This has been a public service announcement from the kitchen of Servie. #thingsyoulearnwhilecanning
  10. I found/bought WTM first edition and I can't wait to read it. I think I finally figured out the progression of some of the curriculum recs that have confused me for years. Breaking every little piece of language arts apart into its own curriculum is one thing, but then changing names of the curriculum at each stage of the trivium too?! Yeah... I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.
  11. Thankyou! THAT'S what I needed to hear. I just canceled my Amazon order because it hasn't shipped yet and I'm going to read the first edition from my local library while hunting down a copy to buy.
  12. It's not gone. I just went back a page and found it. It's post #12!
  13. The only reason I didn't look for first edition is I thought maybe some of the suggested resources would be outdated or better options might be available now. Is this not the case? My local library actually has both editions. I looked after you mentioned first edition being better. It's a "What's your favorite edition of WTM?" Booyah! 😁
  14. This. I just couldn't put it into words as well as Lynn.
  15. I think the sample I read was from first edition but the book on its way is whatever the current edition is on Amazon. I'm not sure if it's the WTM or just the classical model itself with chronological history that is drawing me in. I'm excited to actually read a book again (for the first time in years!) just because I want to.
  16. I ordered 4: Golden Goblet, Bronze Bow, Single Shard, and Adam of the Road. I can't wait for school to start!
  17. My order arrived! Squeee! Nothing is damaged! 🎉 Couple of last minute add-on books are a little disappointing and I wish I wouldn't have ordered them because Oldest will read them each in under 2hrs, but if that's the worst thing, we're good.
  18. Reassure your son that "failed quizzes" are not a sign of failure. They are simply saying that he's got things to learn, and that's fine. Don't panic. It's okay. It's not unusual to struggle more at the outset of something new, and it's not abnormal to "not get it" when the concepts are fairly new, and/or involve things that haven't been previously mastered. It's also (sadly) not uncommon for a young man at a certain age to struggle with recall of things that they absolutely "knew" the day before. Remember to spend lots of time reassuring your guys that their brains aren't broken, simply short-circuiting at times, and they will get through this if they are patient and willing to "relearn" things when they need to. -- Critters words of wisdom in raising & teaching boys (2019) Thankyou, Critter! I reflect on this often.
  19. Another EdPo! Oh no! Big box of curriculum from RR scheduled to arrive today! I might've just had my itty bitty world rocked, though. I read the online sample of TWTM. Then I ordered the book. It's on its way. Now I'm rethinking EVERYTHING. Seriously. I might even order WWE to see if it gains any traction with Oldest. Can't hurt. I drank a cup of coffee (first time in over 2 weeks) to help me think clearly and now my wheels are literally spinning in place at 100 mph. 🤦‍♀️
  20. EdPo: The last of my curriculum stuff is in transit and now I'm looking at a whole different curriculum (one I thought I'd never ever be interested in) and I'm now wondering if Oldest might like it better. What is wrong with me!? I can't believe I'm even considering it. They kinda got me with their free booklist of prescreened wholesome literature books that uphold family values. Nah, too workbooky. I really don't think Oldest would go for it. I'm still going to utilize their booklist, though. And possibly their grammar cards game. EdPo over
  21. Someone catch me up please. If it's better, pm me. I've been confused for days now.
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