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  1. Same here. We add games for extra practice, manipulatives, and a couple of good math apps to break up the monotony of flashcards and speed drills. We are also in the 4th grade book (we switched last year in the middle of grade 3) and are required to standardize test. R&S math starts out a bit slower/behind in the younger years due to the difference in scope and sequence but catches up I think around 5th grade if I remember correctly. R&S was nice enough to inform me so I wouldn't be caught off guard. Yes, math was his weaker area in testing, but only in concepts he hadn't been taught yet. In the areas he had learned, he clearly retained and knew the work well which is what I look for in his test results.
  2. I debated this for DS last summer since he LOVED CLE 2nd grade science. I showed him samples along with samples of 3-4 other science programs and believe it or not he picked R&S science and still won't budge after 3 years! He likes that he learns about more than one area of science and has experiments and activities that can be done but don't have to be. It's a little harder to separate that out in CLE since they tell you to "stop and do this" right in the middle of a lesson. There is usually a short list of activities and experiments to choose from after the lesson in R&S as a way of showing you what you just learned in action. I personally like this setup and find it very easy to add to. I look up experiments and demonstrations in our Apologia books and on Youtube to go along with the lessons when time allows. We're in the 5th grade book now and after the human body unit, he'll read Guy Stuff by Natterson (boys version of The Care and Keeping of You) about the upcoming changes he'll go through when puberty hits. I really like that we can do a unit and then break away or take a break before starting the next unit.
  3. Not sure how you feel about Notgrass, but they just came out with a highschool Geography course.
  4. CLE is advanced and pretty fast moving once you hit fourth grade. Even though DS started CLE from the very beginning (grade 1), grade 4 was a disaster. I think it was more the spiral approach though, not the program itself. DS just never felt confident in CLE because it kept moving on and also phasing out concepts before he had them mastered. We switched to Rod and Staff since it is a mastery program that gives plenty of practice (if needed) and review. We went backwards an entire year to give him a solid arithmetic foundation to base all future math on and it's been a much better fit for him. We worked through the summer to catch up. It is very easy to skip ahead and/or test out of a chapter. Something to note about CLE: it teaches standard and metric units of measure simultaneously which could be difficult if you haven't been doing this right along. I can't remember if CLE has remedial math or not but I know Rod and Staff does. Oh, and I just remembered another option for CLE is to order the first light unit of each grade since it is literally a review of all the previous year's concepts that should be mastered. That would make it much easier/faster to find any gaps and catch up.
  5. Depends on your definition of buried. 😂 We have plows, salt, snowblowers, and shovels, though. Nothing new here.
  6. Morning all. Sorry I'm so sporadic these days. Life is very busy here and I sometimes just don't have the patience or time required to load this thread. It's not the site login or any other thread on here, just this one. So sometimes I have the time and patience and other times I don't. Working on my 2nd cup of coffee while laundry is doing it's thing in the washer and dryer, one ear listening to Oldest read his history lesson aloud while I'm sitting with Middle and half watching Curious George and nursing Newbie.... All this while simultaneously trying to ITT. Yes, I used ITT as a verb.
  7. I stop by to visit and it appears no one else is here. 3hrs?!
  8. Renai! How are you? Haven't seen Dancer in a loooong time. How is she and Baby Dancer doing?
  9. I was thinking the same thing when you said 8lbs because all mine were 8lbs and change. 😂
  10. Same here. On Android phone. Glad to know it's not just me.
  11. Next time I have to do this, I'm asking for the infants version. They just swab in a circle the lower part of each nostril and test is done in 10 mins at the Dr office.
  12. Pretty sure I have plenty of weeds buried under the snow outside, but they do not tumble. I've never seen an actual tumble weed IRL. That would be so cool!
  13. Thankyou @ikslo for mentioning making homemade marshmallows for science a while back. Oldest and I made some yesterday out of maple syrup. Delicious!
  14. Cold doesn't bother me that much unless I have to go out in it. I stay indoors and bake/cook all the things and experiment with new recipes. I may need to replace this tradition/habit because it is NOT helping me lose the extra 20lbs+ that I've acquired over the last 3 years. Of course, having 2 more babies inside of 2 years at my age had nothing to do with it. 😉
  15. Morning all! I posted a topic on K-8 but can't remember how to link it over here, if any of you are so inclined to make recommendations. Thanks.
  16. There seems to be a TON of stuff on YouTube. If you know of a good one so I don't have to sit down and sift through a whole slew of them, I would appreciate some recs. Nothing too babyish, but certainly nothing overly violent please.
  17. Rod and Staff. Simple workbook that reminds them of phonics/spelling rules as they progress through the book. 1 lesson per week and you can choose whether or not to test them at the end of each lesson/week.
  18. I ordered 3 new books for Oldest. I think I'm going to pre read Eleven by Tom Rogers since it's technically a YA.
  19. Whoever designed and decided on the dimensions of these kick and play piano mats with the toy bar overhead did not account for Newbie the Giant. He's as tall as the mat is long and thinks he's supposed to uproot the toy bar and chew on the end piece.
  20. I haven't heard of this before but it sounds awesome!
  21. "We're marching to Zion Beautiful, beautiful Zion We're marching upward to Zion The beautiful city of God!" I started singing this in my head as soon as I read your post. Happy New Year All!
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