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  1. I know Servant4Christ is using Notgrass and loving it.
  2. Thank you! I will check these out.
  3. We tried Latin and failed, but the kids are all interested in French. I took some French in University but don't remember much. I am fully confident that I will pick it up again rather easily as we work together to learn. The end goal is to be able to speak, read, and write in French. DuoLingo/Rosetta Stone is not what I have in mind. I want the kids to learn the French grammar, not just vocabulary. We are working in solid early to middle middle school range here. What would you suggest? Also, is there a difference between France French amd Canadian French?
  4. k12 as an independant- probably our favorite but not completely hands-off. You still need to teach, especially the younger ages, and grade work. I found this more difficult to know what the kids were doing each day. Their International Academy is too much work, from what I have read over the years. BJU distance learning streaming option, if their religious flavor works for you. Skip the dvd option. You will thank me. You will need to make sure the kids are keeping up with assignments, but the video lesson guides make that a snap.
  5. My now 12 yr old daughter was the same at that age. She asked for schoolbooks for her birthday, Easter, and Christmas that year. She was quite precocious. We just did a few pages as she liked. No push. Some ideas: Singapore Essentials Books A-B https://shop.singaporemath.com/index.php/product-category/supplementary-and-other-math/other-math/essential-math/ Look at Memoria Press offerings for Preschool/Simply Classical A-B. Their My Very First Scissors Book, Numbers, and Alphabet coloring books may fit nicely. https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/special-needs
  6. In a word- no. The books bulid on each other as it is progym based. Using them out of order would cause frustration.
  7. Wheelock’s is a good choice. Using Memoria Press online classes would be something to consider, as well.
  8. Thanks everyone! I’m gonna give it a pass then.
  9. Anyone using/used this and will share your thoughts? I'm not a youtube search cabable person. Plus I feel like those who overly gush are not to be trusted. Y'all keep it real.
  10. Popping back in to ask how you liked it.
  11. Sounds normal to me. Looks like a chipmunk trying to make fun of others.
  12. Horizons does have a placement test. Scope and sequence, maybe? It should say when a concept is first taught. Honestly, pick one. Give it a good 3 months than call it. We personally didn't make it 3 weeks before my kids were begging for something different but yours might LOVE it and think it's the bomb. Mine also died (repeatedly, because Mama couldn't get the message the first time) on the hill of Saxon and CLE so obviously spiral is not the way my crew learns at all. That is how it goes- you try things and see. ADDING: My other reason for BJU was the fact it goes all the way through 12
  13. I have a IEW SSS B Yr 1 set you can have , if you want it. Send me a pm with your address.
  14. Adding to 8fillstheheart (whom I respect highly and would never consciously insult): Horizons, if done from the start, does teach all the concepts well. If you jump in the middle after a concept has been explictly taught, it assumes this fact so doesn't give any review helps anywhere. The 2 programs are very different. As already pointed out, Horizons is spiral and BJU is mastery. It depends on which method works for your child and you as a teacher.
  15. AG set gone. Any takers for IEW SSS B Yr 1 materials? I'd hate to just Goodwill or toss them.
  16. I cannot get classifieds to work me so I'm posting here. I have Analytical Grammar Teacher and Student (first 3 units erased) wkbks and IEW SSS B Yr 1 streaming set (TM and Student unused) that need new homes. PM me and they will be on there way FREE!
  17. Actually, it says you can skip the 7th grade book: Fundamentals of Math which reviews all of elementary math plus a few optional pre-pre-algebra topics. That would put Pre-Alg in 7th and Alg 1 in 8th. Keep in mind algebra takes some brain maturity, as well, that not every kid is ready for at 13. The Horizons TM's give almost zero helps. It will say "Teach concept xyz" with no explanations at all for you or the kid. BJU all the way.
  18. BJU Math gets all the loves here after many failures! I don't go through the scripted lessons. I use them as a guide if I can't remember how to teach something. I spend maybe 5-10 mins. then let the kids loose. You can skip the Reviews/Activity bks and the tests. The distance learning is worth it with a larger family. I would only use the streaming. The dvds end up with playing issues.
  19. BJU distance learning 7th on up are rigorious and excellent. k12 independant science courses are great Apologia Physical Science w/ flash drive
  20. Poking around for my crew, I found these. Anyone got thoughts? NaN? They seem like what we need to fill in gaps and start over while moving quickly to new material. https://www.learnmathfastbooks.com/index.html
  21. Frankly, OPGTR is probably a very bad choice for most kids- boys especially. I think you should consider switching to something else. Sadly, Sing, Spell is not available anymore. So how about LOE or ABeCeDarian? Maybe look for something with movement, games, and short lessons. Maybe Reading Eggs, Progressive Phonics, and Starfall (for sure) will help him more. I don’t think it’s a readiness issue- it sounds like a curriculum issue.
  22. Any book by Paul Galdone is a hit here. He did retellings of all the classic tales.
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