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  1. Ellie, thank you for posting your friend's review. SO helpful!
  2. I found Cathy Duffy's review but that is about it. No one has used these? https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/phonics-reading/phonics-reading-programs/horizons-phonics-and-reading-levels-k-3 https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/spelling-and-vocabulary/spelling/horizons-spelling-and-vocabulary
  3. I was wondering if anyone had used either of these and would share their thoughts? I really like the looks of the preschool things so wondered about the next step.
  4. My advice is to give your child the free LA placement test and start at the level she places in. I have heard CLE is pretty advanced compared to other things out there.
  5. Have you looked into Simply Classical by Memoria Press? It is the only SN homeschool curriculum I know of. Cheryl is wonderful at answering posts on the Special Needs MP forum. Just a thought. https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/special-needs/ SN Forum: https://forum.memoriapress.com/forum/classical-curriculum/simply-classical-for-special-needs-and-struggling-students This is the charter site, if that fits your needs better. https://charter.memoriapress.com/simply-classical/
  6. Anne- thank you for sharing. I decided to pass on preK-Level 3. I don't like the scripted and combined books, either. I may need to find that science unit list.
  7. I have been using Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King with my 3 middle schoolers. I only use the teacher's manual and we do things on the white board. I, too , have a high functioning guy, so I know what you mean about digging in and all that. This method works for him. It starts by having the child just make lists like things that go on a sandwich, colors in the rainbow, car types...pick anything and have the child try for 5-10 things. Once that is comfortable (a couple weeks), move on to taking 3 ideas and turning them into sentences. Sandwich fillings- cheese, ham, pickles. Then add a simp
  8. NaN- same feelings about the math. Now the Nature Notebook, OTOH...
  9. medawyn, that is almost verbatim what my husband said. Just pick SOMETHING and give it a try. I think he may be tired of listening to me debate the pros and cons of each program.
  10. Adding: I am considering the following: TGTB PreK McRuffy PreK MP Charter 2-day or Religious 2- or 5- day JrK Blossom and Root Early Years Yr 2 I'm having a hard time making a choice. I have spent vast amounts of time looking at the upper levels of all of these programs that are available to get a feel for where and how they will lead us on this educational adventure. I feel like the first two are similar in presentation, etc.. The other 2 are exact opposites! Year 1 jitters = Freezing up
  11. Thank you for your thoughts. I will look at the suggestions and talk to him. Honestly, he is digging in on this one area more than any other. Barefoot Meandering looks very intriguing.
  12. Oh, thank you for your words of comfort! Mom guilt about their education has been eating at me for a while. I am soo nervous of messing up! After talking things over in recent days, my husband very much wants me to use something completely laid out/all-in-one for English as he is nervous about this adventure and concerned about the children falling further behind. To that end, I was thinking of maybe TGTB. I know it isn't WTM, but he is not on board for that at this time. I think once he sees how all of us do on this new path, he will be more willing to let me pick-n-choose different elem
  13. This is all great information. Thank you, everyone. I would be deviating a LOT from her booklist. Different standards of what is acceptable is fine. I have one who is very art-oriented and chomping at the bit to get their hands on the art lessons. The books are, as you have all said, beautiful. I like that she incorporates art and geography. Adding: I showed a sample to my husband last night. He very much wants me to try it out. I will update after we use it for a bit.
  14. Thank you for your thoughtful responses, ladies. I am mulling over everything you have advised while keeping my kids in mind. I feel like their previous educational setting has not prepared them well for further study. I wish we could go back and start at the beginning homeschooling this time to assure the building of a solid educational foundation. Short of that, we must struggle on. I printed out the free sample of IEW Fix It!: The Nose Tree, and they are trying out the IEW SSS B yr 1 sample weeks. So far, so good! I plan to have them choose one of the excellent book/guide suggesti
  15. First off, I know the whole she is a Mormon argument and all the controversy surrounding that. I very much would not like to focus on that, please. I am most interested in the language arts and handwriting, but am curious about the other offerings. Has anyone used TGTB materials for any subject or level and would tell me what you like or don't like? Is it rigorous or fluff? Are the expectations developmentally appropriate for the age range she gives? Do you feel your children made progress using it as-is or that supplementation was necessary to bring the academic level up? Has scheduling
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