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  1. I got my second Moderna dose four hours ago. Arm: sore. I feel sleepy, but it was a long week, I might just be legitimately tired. I feel chilled, but it’s a blustery day, I might just want to curl up under a blanket anyway. I’m ravenously hungry, but I haven’t seen that listed anywhere as a symptom.
  2. They make incredible jello, but you still have to juice them. The NYT cooking section had a recipe for clementine pomegranate jello in their Thanksgiving 2019 collection. I made it, almost as a joke because we haven’t had jello at Thanksgiving in decades. It blew everyone away. So good.
  3. During the winter I put my mask on the dashboard heat vents when I got into the car. It felt nice to have a toasty mask when I went out.
  4. Even if there were an intervention that reduced the risk of something from 1 in one hundred to 1 in one hundred million there still is going to be that one in one hundred million person who did everything right and still dies. It doesn’t mean the intervention didn’t work. It saved 999,999 people. And it still sucks for the family of the one it didn’t save. The absolute best way to reduce the risk for everyone is to have less virus circulating in the community. And that requires sustained, cooperative action. And that’s why people who want to take that action are angry/frustrated/
  5. “But, I think we are very inconsistent on this. "Some may die if we have backyard swimming pools. How do we get that number down to zero or as close as we can come?" Do we ask that question next? ” Yes, we do. And the answers we come up with are things like requiring fences with gates so that neighborhood kids can’t wander in unsupervised and public awareness campaigns about water safety. We want to have pools, we know that there are dangers, we think of ways to reduce the risks. “"Some may die if we have a speed limit of 70 rather than 50? How do we get than number down
  6. When daily new cases in my state and the surrounding states are in the single digits with good contact tracing and the seven day rolling average is stable or declining for four weeks in a row.
  7. It will not affect it, according to the person who administered my test two days after my first vaccine dose. Edit: and I hope your DH just has some 24 hr bug and will be fine soon and you won’t catch it.
  8. Some of the men’s teams are bigger money-makers than others, but they didn’t set up tiers of amenities based on team popularity.
  9. Yes. United Methodist. We’ve been online only since the beginning. The only people in the building are the pastor, song leader, pianist, and the people running the tech. All masked and distanced (Edit: the pastor takes her mask off in the pulpit, and the song leader takes his off to sing.) We’ve had some outdoor activities and meetings, masked and distanced. I’ve mentioned before that our congregation has been very active for years in Imagine No Malaria. There’s no way we’re going to be a source of community spread of a deadly disease if we can help it. Interestingly
  10. When the campus where I teach shut down suddenly last March and many of the international students had to fly home several asked for extensions due to the circumstances involved. I didn’t have the time or energy to check up on all their stories, so I just took their word for it. If some student got an unwarranted extension on a deadline due to lying to me about being in military enforced quarantine with poor internet, well, I can live with that.
  11. I’m pretty sure that everyone who “ganged up” on the captain knew that he was credulously repeating what the man who had just admitted shooting ten people had said. His job isn’t to be the killer’s press secretary.
  12. We can’t believe him because he is manifestly full of shit. If you go on a shooting spree targeting Asian women you’re a racist misogynist whatever lies you tell yourself and others about your motivations.
  13. On what planet is “he doesn’t hate Asians, he just sees Asian women as fetish objects rather than people” considered evidence of non-racism? Not here, I know. But gah. Just . . . there are no words for how convoluted people are willing to go to avoid acknowledging racism. It really does seem like for some people the idea of maybe attributing one more atom of motive to racism than is strictly necessary is a worse offense than murder.
  14. Turns out I can still pick up the 6 foot 140 lb 14 year old. Not comfortably for either of us, but I did it. Would have been kind of ironic if I’d thrown my back out trying it.
  15. If you are looking to move back into the workforce and the job you have now is a good stepping stone to that then I would stay put for a few years. You already have one child in high school, so anytime you move in the next 9 years you’ll be moving someone in high school. Stick it out for a few more years to have a solid job on your resume when you do move.
  16. There’s also this, if you like Piano Man fan fic: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/billy-joel-plays-piano-man-for-the-first-time-at-the-bar-he-based-the-song-on
  17. This theory has been floating around Twitter and Facebook for years. There’s a long post about the characters having a pool running on when he’ll figure it out.
  18. Same. If I hadn’t had the later reaction I’d have wondered if she missed my arm, because I felt nothing when the shot actually went in.
  19. The second one started going out the first week in January. The third one is 1400 per person, including dependents.
  20. We also recently got a notice in the mail that our second payment should be arriving soon. It was confusing because we had received it by direct deposit over a month earlier. This was before the new one passed, but when we got the letter we thought, “wait, did another stimulus bill pass and we missed it?”
  21. It has to do with the history of how the terms have been used, not the terms themselves. So you're not going to find a logical explanation based on the grammar of the words.
  22. I know. I’m just saying if you have a dog that can’t handle free reign you don’t have to banish them, and it wouldn’t be a terrible thing for a dog to have to stay home except when taken out for regular walks.
  23. Or you keep the dog in the family residence and take them out on a leash for walks. Like normal people do.
  24. So quitting in a fit of pique when a coworker points out your trollish behavior is "cancel culture" now? That's rich.
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