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  1. I’ve had two reports from friend of friends who had long Covid that their symptoms disappeared within 24 hours of their first vaccine. I hope that lasts and happens for more people. It also suggests possibilities for other post-viral illnesses.
  2. All of this. When my kids were little we taught “stranger safety” not stranger danger. How to interact with strangers in a way that increases your safety if you get separated from your parent.
  3. Check your school’s academic integrity policy and see if there’s a procedure you should follow. Absolutely keep your notes and any rough drafts or other proof of work-in-progress. If you do contact your professor, don’t include the “I would like to see what you think” part. If he takes action with regard to the other student he can’t tell you about it.
  4. I read this thread right before making breakfast, so I added lemon zest and juice to my already planned pancake batter. Not quite the same as using it as a topping, but tasty.
  5. I have. I didn’t think it was a pain, but a do a lot of futzy cooking so YMMV. My kid who doesn’t like eggs thought they tasted too eggy.
  6. I was trying to figure out why wind turbines in Texas are shut down when the ones in MN are working fine. According to a quote by a senior director of the company that manages Texas’ electrical grid most of the plants that are shut down due to weather are gas, coal, and nuclear. So it’s not a problem with wind power specifically, it’s that all of the plants were not designed for extreme cold. Also they ramp-down production in the winter because they don’t expect to use as much power as they need during air-conditioning season and you can’t just flip a switch to get a hibernating power p
  7. It’s also insanely wasteful of energy. As seen in the article posted up thread by the guy who moved to Washington state for cheaper electricity and had to shutdown his system because it was putting a strain on the electrical grid.
  8. If a meatball is involved, definitely marinara sauce.
  9. NOT a failure! You are amazing. I’ve been awed by how you keep going through everything that you’ve been hit with in the last few years. If you need some time to rest and re-group, take it. You deserve it, and you are worth it.
  10. I mean, if you'd used the "from out of town and bored" line and then made it through a short conversation without bringing up a MLM pitch there's a good chance you'd have been invited over for coffee or on an outing for the next day. We're very hospitable people, we just get discomfited if we don't know why someone is talking to us.
  11. It's a complicated dance of signaling whether you're open to conversation. You can't just jump right in. Or, paradoxically, you probably could have gotten away with saying outright "we're in town for my husband's work trip and I'm starved for adult conversation, are you up for a chat?" Then people would have understood why you were being such a weirdo as to talk to strangers at the playground.
  12. My 14 year old son is now over 6 ft tall. He's not as much of a bean-pole as he used to be, but not as wide as the average adult of his height either. Adult size large T-shirts look like they fit him perfectly, until he raises his arms and displays 12" of tummy. XL shirts are too baggy. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to buy long casual shirts that don't cost a fortune?
  13. It may be something she’s wanted to do for a long time and she’s taking advantage of the fact that changing your name when you get married is relatively easy. It will be good for your relationship if you unhesitatingly use the name she prefers and try not to make this into a “kids these days” thing in your head.
  14. You’re telling me that people who are going to be traveling for Christmas put up and decorate a live tree and then need to add taking down their tree to their packing/getting-ready-to-leave list? Many people?!?
  15. The thing that has me taken aback is how many people seem to be lusting for televised extra-judicial executions. I thought everyone was horrified by ISIS beheading people on video. It's not something I would have expected to see people calling for in the US and being egged-on rather than shunned for it.
  16. The answer to "Do I need a . . . dragon" is always yes.
  17. Report it to your state Attorney General. Their website should have info about fraud reporting. Unfortunately reporting it to Etsy (same with eBay, PayPal, etc) is unlikely to do any good because they still get their money from the transaction. They have little incentive to investigate unless law enforcement gets involved.
  18. It’s becoming more common in the US. Not “mainstream” yet, in my perception.
  19. The four Harriet Vane novels hang together as a subset of the Lord Peter series. Strong Poison is the first, then Have His Carcase, Gaudy Night, and Busman’s Honeymoon.
  20. If it’s showing you Courtney Milan ads, buy them all. Books about relationships with male protagonists and depressing endings are “literary fiction” while books about relationships with female protagonists and happy endings are romance. Right now I’ll take the happy endings, thanks.
  21. I agree with everyone else. There is no way I would attend this, or any other family event, if my daughter was excluded. If it’s an obvious adults-only event, sure, but an event that she’s been invited to in the past? No way.
  22. No. There’s quite a lot of effort that goes into making sure it’s not possible to link particular votes with individual voters. That’s what all the fuss was about with the double envelopes for absentee voting. The outside ballot has the voter number and signature, and whatever else each state requires (witness signature, ID #, etc). Once that has all been verified the inner envelope, which is anonymous, is taken out and put in the “too be counted” pile. After that you know who voted, and you’ve got the number of votes for each candidate, but no way of connecting a specific voter to a specif
  23. Absolutely. I can’t believe it’s not a requirement in all states. When I first heard that in some states a “recount” just means they hit the “total” button again because there is literally nothing to count my jaw dropped. And then a friend who lived in a state that had all-electronic machines (this was several years ago) said it was okay because the machine printed a paper receipt so you knew your vote was counted. But the voters took the receipt with them! There was absolutely no way of knowing that the vote registered with the machine was the vote printed on the receipt, and no
  24. The reason for “most secure election in [recent] US History” is that more states, out of exactly the concerns you’ve indicated here, switched to voting machines that have a paper trail. They use either a paper ballot that is scanned by the counting machine or an electronic ballot that prints a paper receipt that is checked by the voter and then retained at the polling site. And then the results were audited by hand-counting the paper ballots at selected polling sites, observed by representatives from both parties, and compared to the machine-counts.
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