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  1. Suggest to him that in case you both have strong reactions it would be better not to have them at the same time so that you can take care of each other. That made my dad feel better about getting it before my mom. Update: my arm now only hurts if I poke it. So stop poking it. But then how will I know if it still hurts when I poke it?
  2. Right there with you. Which makes this my current favorite COVID song parody:
  3. My mother-in-law was miserable for almost three weeks after her first dose. But I’m not sure how much of it was direct vaccine reaction and how much of it was that she got into a spiral of not eating well and not sleeping well during the initial reaction.
  4. First. It hurts enough that I can’t really forget about it, or get distracted enough not to notice it, but it isn’t bothering me, because I’m just so happy to have gotten the vaccine. It’s like a constant damn that hurts and that means life will be back to normal sooner, hurray!
  5. Twelve hours post shot my arm hurt enough to wake me up at 2 am. Twenty-four hours post shot it feels like I was punched (hard) in the arm and the area around it is hot, but no other symptoms.
  6. I’m just over two hours post shot, and my elbow joint on the arm the shot went in is a little achey. But that’s the elbow I shattered as a kid, and it gets achey if someone so much as looks at it crossly, so I’m not sure that counts.
  7. My state reports daily deaths by 5 year age bracket. I haven’t seen it nation-wide (but I also haven’t looked).
  8. I’ve got an appointment for tomorrow. Moderna first dose.
  9. I’ve had two reports from friend of friends who had long Covid that their symptoms disappeared within 24 hours of their first vaccine. I hope that lasts and happens for more people. It also suggests possibilities for other post-viral illnesses.
  10. All of this. When my kids were little we taught “stranger safety” not stranger danger. How to interact with strangers in a way that increases your safety if you get separated from your parent.
  11. Check your school’s academic integrity policy and see if there’s a procedure you should follow. Absolutely keep your notes and any rough drafts or other proof of work-in-progress. If you do contact your professor, don’t include the “I would like to see what you think” part. If he takes action with regard to the other student he can’t tell you about it.
  12. I read this thread right before making breakfast, so I added lemon zest and juice to my already planned pancake batter. Not quite the same as using it as a topping, but tasty.
  13. I have. I didn’t think it was a pain, but a do a lot of futzy cooking so YMMV. My kid who doesn’t like eggs thought they tasted too eggy.
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