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  1. Oh yes, she is a lab- you and Jean are correct. She is the new baby since the Dobie passed away. I swear she makes the Chessies we had seem calm and reserved. Pretty wild because I thought they were nuts. Apparently the blocky labs are much calmer.
  2. Chester is adorable!!!! Gosh he got big fast. She's getting better! She's still 90% Tigger, but more civilized than before. She's about to be 7 months. I think she's gonna be pretty small and wiry- she doesn't look anywhere near the size of your guy. Makes it easier to go bouncing and trouncing I guess. She almost ate the pool guy this week when he showed up two hours early and she was outside, so she's turning into a decent guard dog too. Kids love her- they tire each other out. So she'll make it. But I still tell dh, just like Tigger- 🎶She's the only one! 🎶 #DobermansForever
  3. Wow, no one is taking this thread seriously! Goodnight ITT. See ya later 🐊's!
  4. Muy bien. All is well. Just thought I would pop in and say hi! Igzack is growing too fast. Slache you should put bricks on his head at night. This is unacceptable. Someone is going to need to have another baby if this keeps up with the growing like crazy and whatnot.
  5. Bookie, I would like you to know that because of your Terminator post I watched Terminator Dark Fate, which I had really been looking forward to seeing, and it turned out it was one of the dumbest movie ever. I was mad at myself for watching it afterward and really mad at James Cameron. I mean, there were just so many dumb, inconsistent points I was 🤬 at the screen and kept texting my dd about all the stupid parts. Then I watched Terminator to wash Dark Fate out of my brain. And then I started T2 last night because I actually think it was peak Cameron. We are still rolling with the Not C
  6. I feel like I did similar in that I made the mistake of trying to formalize everything the kids took a natural interest in and then ruined it. Once it was formalized the fun evaporated. Not to mention I am not feeling fun or inspired school wise this year. Good morning! I slept in. Still need more coffee. Dh just took the loudest of the three kids to Best Buy to get a computer part to try and fix the kid's desktop computer which suddenly decided to die. 😞 It is very quiet now and wonderful though which makes it hard to get motivated to do things. I hope he can fix it because if no
  7. Well, I wish I had something interesting to add, but alas no, so will just say I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off to fold a zillion pounds of laundry.
  8. Bookie, you made me feel old. Terminator is one of my favorite movies of all time and I saw T2 in the theatre more than once! Haven't really been a fan of any of the others, although I haven't seen the latest one that Cameron was again involved in. But T2 was just mind-blowing at the time with the effects and the GnR video along with it made it even cooler. 😉
  9. Dh went and got CFA for the kids this morning and I had seen somewhere they had a new mocha iced coffee so I asked for one. I might as well have shoved a straw in a bottle of Hershey's Syrup and drank that. Or just mainlined some sugar. I almost gagged it was so sweet, so I gave it to ds instead. Remind me of how poor of a decision that was if I am on here complaining about a wild kid later, lol.
  10. I am sorry about your foot Toto. That sucks. Happy Nirthday Mr. Susan! Good job on no inlaws Slache! 🥳 In sad news, Servie has disappeared her account and it happened so fast she did not get a chance to say good-bye, so I am saying good-bye to all of you wonderful ladies in her stead.
  11. Also, Slache was right on the brindle dog! She came in basically as an Australian Shepard at 44%, then Pit Bull/Staff terrier at almost 30%, Rhodesian Ridgeback at 14%, Border Collie at almost 7% and the remaining as mutt. I guess those would very well make an incredibly smart guard dog who is great with kids. And fwiw Slache, she was a handful of a puppy (but not in comparison to this Lab)- she took out my shrubbery and was queen of getting into the outdoor trashcans so much that we had to remove them. So maybe that was the Aussie part, lol.
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