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  1. We keep ours at 68 in the winter. We live in NY and don’t have A/C. We rely on fans and cooler night breezes in the summer. We live in an historic brick home built in 1850, with tall ceilings and windows, radiators, and obvious discrepancies in how warm a room is based on how far from the thermostat it is. I can be pretty warm in the living room, but very cold in the kitchen.
  2. Thank you all! I feel armed and ready to write now!
  3. A former student of one of my homeschool co-op classes asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him. I’m happy to do it, but I want to make sure my letter is well written. Does anyone have link suggestions for how to write a really great letter of recommendation I can follow? I’ve never done this before, but this is a fantastic kid and I want to do my best. Thanks!
  4. This is great! 😄 https://twitter.com/acapellascience/status/1350782855564111875?s=20
  5. Buckwheat pancakes are so yummy! I haven’t had them in years, and I don’t have a recipe because my MIL was the one who made them and she used a mix, but now I want some.
  6. I don’t understand this. Any one of you could catch it from him any time in that 10 day period. If just one is infected on day 10 but is asymptomatic and goes out into the world you could be spreading it everywhere you go. Multiply that same scenario by however many people are in the house. It’s certainly unlikely that everyone would go down like dominoes instead of anyone who is going to be infected being infected already or in the 10 day period, but it’s certainly possible. But, my own mom tested negative after having symptoms including cough and loss of taste and smell after bein
  7. Mine are wool and work much better than the silicone or plastic ones I used to use. I don’t think brand would matter with wool, since it’s quite literally just a felted wool ball.
  8. We’ve talked about it all a lot, but my older kids are 17yo and 15yo. It would be impossible to keep the 9yo out of the discussions, so she knows more about coups and US government than the average 9yo, not to mention fascism which has been a huge topic in our house lately. My oldest is very interested in politics and history, so we’ve always been this way. I don’t know that I would have talked with my 9yo much about it if I didn’t also have teenagers.
  9. Local districts all use someone at Boces now. She takes the time to actually read them. She definitely requires more than the minimal amount of info some people tried to pass off, but I think she’s very reasonable. I can imagine districts using her or someone in a similar position that they all contract out to. She would have a big job policing the entire Buffalo area though!
  10. For me, I need to read (I read much more news than I watch) to make sure I understand. I’m not good with just listening to a single newscast and their perspective, or reading the headlines and a couple of articles. I need to see big news events, not the everyday non life-altering stuff, from a lot of angles and perspectives. I need to research how history got us to that point. Not knowing that stuff makes me far more anxious than reading the news does. Sometimes, with big events, the anxiety is going to be high no matter what for me, I just have to choose the path with the least amount of
  11. I spend a good bit of my most anxious days with my Bluetooth headphones in listening to Brahms. Classical music centers and calms me in a way that nothing else does. ETA ~ Like Pawz, not knowing what is going on would heighten my anxiety, but just listening to classical music while reading the news helps.
  12. I really hope that the expansion of mental health services due to telehealth means that more people will take advantage of seeking out counseling! Right now some insurance carries are covering it in full. If only that would remain a thing and we could get it covered for every American that needs someone to talk to! My daughter was already in counseling for anxiety (which she gets honestly from both sides of the family, poor kid!) when the pandemic started and it has been every bit as good over telehealth as it was in person. If anyone is really struggling I hope they will try to avail them
  13. But I do agree that the amount of work I have to do is not a lot. I definitely don’t want them able to come into my house, though!
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