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  1. 22 hours ago, Sebastian (a lady) said:

    I would not go in person.

    I would have your dd send a clear but concise email AND follow up with a phone call on Monday.  Coach her through what needs to happen in the phone call so that she has thought through how to ask for the right person, how to explain what she is seeing and how she has tried to address it, and how to ask for what she wants to have happen.  Being a bit uncomfortable with this type of call is totally normal, but I really think that a call is necessary given what you've said about having sent multiple emails.  You could even roll play this a couple times.  (I've sometimes made up brief "talking points" when I had an important call to make.)

    It is likely that it's a matter of paperwork not getting downloaded or not getting synced up with her application.  This can take several days.  The email is a dated record that she tried to meet the requirements.  The phone call shows her grit in ensuring that it gets taken care of.  It's also an important adult skill that will get easier with practice; so she might as well start now.

    Email has been sent and she’ll call tomorrow. She can handle the call. She’d rather not, mostly because she already feels like she’s harassed this lady, but she can do it. And then that’s it. We’re done and moving on. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.


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  2. On 11/28/2019 at 3:28 PM, mom1720 said:

    What is she using as the subject line for the email? 

    My DS had a required supplement for a school as a homeschooler and they had a specific way they wanted the subject line in order to deal with it/match it to his file.

    It was DS "last name, first name, homeschool applicant additional essay"

    So maybe for you do something like her Last name, first name homeschool applicant required whatever.

    Just a thought.

    She’s using the right subject line. I’ve seen everything she’s sent and she’s reaching the right person.

  3. So, what makes the most sense here? Wait to email until Monday morning? Call Monday morning? I’m thinking the admissions counselor is going to be in a poor mood Monday morning after a holiday weekend.

    I think my dd can more easily outline the lengths she’s gone to get this info to them in an email, but it will likely take a couple of days to get a response.

  4. 8 hours ago, GoodGrief1 said:

    She needs to call rather than e mail. Make sure she leaves specific messages about the problem with multiple people if necessary. My daughters hate to call!

    So does mine. I’m not sure if I’ll get her to call and I am betting she will not get through to the person she needs to talk to even if she does. Plus, we’re dealing with a young admissions counselor here and I bet she hates to talk on the phone too.

    But, I’m thinking she will email the admissions counselor Monday morning and then I’ll try to get her to call if she doesn’t get a response by the afternoon, which is highly unlikely.

  5. 10 hours ago, MerryAtHope said:

    When she calls again, I would explain how many times she has tried to contact both admissions counselors with no response or in adequate response, and explain that she really wants to get her application in and isn’t there someon when she calls again, I would explain how many times she has tried to contact both admissions counselors with no response or in adequate response, and explain that she really wants to get her application in and isn’t there someone who can help her? Sometimes I have found that you just have to explain a bit more how no one else has been able to help for someone to take the needed action. I hope things work out for her!

    We’ve written up an email explaining all her efforts to get her test score included. In the past, we’ve tried to be brief because the admissions people are clearly overwhelmed, but this time she is explaining the situation more fully. Every other school has been great and easy to deal with. This particular one is still setting up barriers for homeschoolers but then doesn’t have a way for the student to get the extra info into their file.

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  6. Thanks. Blech. My dd really dislikes this prompt. She had the same prompt for another college and wound up ditching it and picking something else. Oh well. At least she has already generated some ideas for it, Thanks again.

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  7. Has anyone completed this? We are wondering because for the essay prompt, it says “please select one prompt” and then when you hit the drop down box, there is only one prompt - What is your favorite word and why? Just wondering/hoping this is possibly a bug in their online application?

  8. I wouldn’t send a modified transcript with a W.  I would shift to doing AP Bio at home, using Khan Academy and setting my own pace, even if it meant finishing over the summer and skipping the exam. This wouldn’t require a change on your transcript.

    Or, I like your idea of taking bio at the cc. So, in that case, I would switch the label on my transcript and just explain on my mid-year report that we chose to complete the sequence at the cc rather than going the AP route after factoring in the pros and cons of each. Or because the bio teacher at the CC looks great? Or because your dd wants the opportunity to do the labs in an actual lab?

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  9. Yvonne, what about dropping the English class? If she is taking GB, it is actually suggested to give one history credit, an English lit credit and a composition credit for that course. So, you could just shift the credit for the English class to the GB class, couldn’t you? If not, my second choice would be to switch the AP Bio to auditing AP Bio and assign your own grade, having her finish over the summer if necessary.

    If it is just a matter of making time for the application essays, I would sit down with her and have her write out a schedule of what she needs to get done each day (with time!) and carve out a spot for essays and then set a deadline. My dd got really bogged down with the essay process, both putting some off and then dragging others out by trying to make them perfect. I finally said “enough!”. This application is going in on this day no matter what. I cut her slack on whatever I could and offered support, but, in the end, she really just needed a solid deadline. Your dd writes beautifully and it really should not take her very long to knock out those essays.


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  10. Some schools are very quick and efficient about getting things checked off and others take forever. My dd emailed a school that still showed many items missing a month and a half after the app had been submitted. They told her those things wouldn’t be checked off until the app was reviewed and that they hadn’t even started reading apps.

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  11. On 11/4/2019 at 9:04 AM, Where's Toto? said:

    I looked up my dd's university.   From My Plan:  "....is also home to one of the most diverse student populations in the whole of the United States of America with more than 100 nations being represented in its student body. "

    It receives a yellow rating from Fire and it sure seems to be because they have policies against discrimination and harassment.    I didn't see any lawsuits or specific incidents mentioned.



    Students are encouraged to report all types of bias-related incidents precipitated by intolerant behaviors


    A bias incident is conduct, speech or expression that is motivated by bias or prejudice but doesn’t involve a criminal act. Bias incidents may, however, violate campus codes or policies.

    Free Speech does not include language that is aimed at achieving results of violence or criminal acts and is likely to achieve it.


    As an ever-growing pluralistic society and in a world whose boundaries are made increasingly flexible by technology and global economics, it is fundamental to our institutional mission to create a community without bias and to oppose vigorously any form of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, homophobia, harassment and discrimination against those with disabling conditions. It is critical that each and every member of this community understand that xxx State University eschews hate of any kind and will not tolerate behavior that violates the civil and statutory rights of any individual or group. Within this framework, each of us can feel free to express ourselves in ways that promote openness within a pluralistic and multicultural society.

    To ensure that we understand our responsibility to contribute to a community that embraces these values and that we are accountable for our behavior in this regard, all persons in positions of responsibility and authority will be held strictly accountable for promoting the highest degree of fairness and equity by both personally exemplifying these principles and holding all those around them accountable as well.

    It is essential that each member of the campus community incorporate these values into daily life at xxx State University so that we may all work and learn together in a spirit of appreciation for the differences among us and with mutual respect and dignity.

    Disruptive conduct includes, but is not limited to: … threatening or obscene language or behavior in public places …


    xxx State University recognizes its responsibility to foster an atmosphere of respect, understanding and good will among individuals and groups, with special sensitivity to those most likely to be subjected to disrespect, abuse and misunderstanding because of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. The goal is to create an unbiased community where all individuals feel free to express themselves in ways that are appropriate in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society and to pursue their work and study in an atmosphere which values individuality and diversity.


    Signs, which promote the consumption of alcohol, the use of controlled dangerous substances, or anything, viewed as obscene and inappropriate behavior may not be displayed in any public area (e.g., windows, students room windows, doors, common areas, etc.).




    Well, my guess is that the problem may stem from a very wide definition of discrimination and harassment. So, an example I can think of off the top of my head is that someone might say a trans woman should not be able to participate in women’s sports. Are they now guilty of discrimination? Or harassment because that hurts someone’s feelings?

    Free speech does not give you the right to harass someone, but people should not be afraid to say what they think. That is a basic constitutional protection. So, one group should not be able to come in and decide for us all because as soon as the other viewpoint is expressed, it is shut down as “harassment” or “discrimination”. Everyone should be given a chance to speak and no one should be afraid to discuss their viewpoint.

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  12. My ds CLEPed out of a semester of college classes which really gave him a leg up by knocking out a bunch of his gen ed requirements.  He took some of his CLEPs after taking a specific class — US History, US Govt, College Algebra and then he took the Macroeconomics and Microeconomics after watching the AC/DC videos and working through the worksheets for them.

    He used speedyprep flash cards to prep for US History and Govt. We also used the online REA practice tests and the Peterson practice tests to prep.

    My dd may do the Econ CLEPs if the college she attends accepts them.

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  13. On 11/2/2019 at 5:43 PM, Farrar said:

    Regardless of political view, I don’t especially want my kids attending an institution that refuses to ban harassment. That website is, I guess, pro-sending your kids off to become the harassers? Actual harassment is not legally protected as free speech.

    I suspect most outside attempts to categorize campuses politically are going to end up skewed. You just have to ask and visit.

    No. They are not pro-sending your kids off to become harassers. That is not the intent behind what they are doing at all.

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  14. 4 hours ago, RootAnn said:

    I am not smart enough to use The Fire website as I found two university campuses that I am familiar with got the same yellow light rating. I know one is more open to a variety of opinions & one is more likely to be hostile to certain positions to the point of intimidating campus groups who set up tables to recruit members or disinviting speakers. I did not trust my understanding of that website because of that.

    I agree. It’s a nice idea, but the way it’s been implemented makes a lot less helpful than it could be. They seem to be using the student handbook and the wording in it rather than what the actual climate is like on the campus. We visited a pretty liberal school today where there are lots of complaints online from students about conservative thought not being supported. It has a yellow rating. The school my ds is at also has a yellow rating but is very supportive of both conservative and liberal views, imo. 

    There is no perfect resource, but the student newspapers speak volumes, IMO. Also, student perceptions on niche reviews, along as they are taken with a grain of salt, have been helpful.


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  15. 23 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:


    That’s very little time. 

    Between study questions and Summa, just the number of paragraphs that need to be written is in excess of 12 and they all need to be supported by quotes. And the reading load alone is massive. Just writing alone that amount would be 5 hours here. 

    you guys have super human kids. 

    This is the reason I am asking for a light course 🙂

    Oops! I never thought GB was light, but somehow I either missed that you were looking for a light course or forgot by the time I got to the end of the thread. 😮 I will check with my dd, but I do not see her spending tons of time on this class and she loves every minute of it. This is one of the few classes she will go “above and beyond” for because she finds it so interesting and loves Ms. Turscak. I do think they get quicker with this stuff over time. 

    ETA: This may sound a bit weird, but I think part of the reason my dd can crank out the writing for this class is because Ms. Turscak makes her feel safe with her writing. She will correct her and make suggestions for improvement but she also gives her positive feedback. There are other classes where my dd has taken a lot longer to do a lot less writing because she feels anxious about it. Another plus for Sue Ellen.

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  16. 13 minutes ago, gingersmom said:

    My daughter graduated from a top rated freshman admit nursing program. She can attest that coming from a strong program, both the NXCLEX and her job at a top 20 hospital are so much easier compared to her peers who did not attend a program of equal caliber.

    This is preparation and foundation for your entire career. Be sure to go to a school with at least a 90% NCLEX pass rate. 

    At the end of the day nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint.



    Thank you! UAH does offer an online RN to BSN program as well as their traditional program. I do wonder if the online program is pulling down their pass rate, but that is something we will definitely dig into further. My dd also has applied to a “top” nursing program. Unfortunately, the current admission rate is something like 12% for the nursing school, so the odds are against her, but we’ll see.

  17. 50 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:

    just out of curiosity, how many hours per week is your child spending on CLRC GB class?

    I will ask my dd when she gets home, but I suspect it is about 5 hours a week. She has already done a ton of heavy reading starting in 6th grade, though. Some of the books she’s reading this year, she had already read in Latin a couple of years ago. She says Ms. Turscak encourages “righteous skimming” and she does do that with some of the history books.

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  18. 12 minutes ago, fourisenough said:

    Yes, sadly this seems to be the new normal in nursing programs. Talk about teaching to the test! There are actually two tests the students at my DDs’ school must perform well on to be allowed to take the NCLEX:  The comprehensive predictor and then the ATI green light test. This is how many schools are posting 100% pass rate on the exam— they essentially will only allow students to take it if the school is confident they will pass. 

    Huh. So I was thinking the NCLEX was “the” thing we should judge nursing programs by. That, and attrition rates. UAH’s program only has an 84% pass rate and it looked like a fairly high attrition rate. Does this mean it is a poor program? Or just that there are students that are not super strong in the program? Or are they just not controlling who takes the test when everyone else is? Geesh! What else should we be looking at?

    ETA: I don’t know what their attrition rate is after all. I looked at something too quickly and thought it was telling me how many students dropped the program.

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