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  1. Is it possible your daughter really does have ADD? I don't know if you are aware of this, but one part of ADD is being able to hyperfocus on activities of interest. My niece has ADD and can sit for hours coloring and drawing but can't seem to get through 10 minutes of homework with my sister. What we all thought was a disobedience issue with her was truly an inability to focus. She's been this way since she was 2 years old but we never really thought she had ADD, because when she had something she was really interested in, she could focus with no problem.


    If she does have ADD, then there are options available to you. You can try dietary treatments like the Feingold diet or medication. My niece is now on ritalin and doing so well. I share this because if there is any chance this is the case with your daughter, she simply may not be able to do what you are asking.



  2. Sue - I'm definitely going to take your advice on both quitting the exercise for a few weeks and icing my knees throughout the day. Thank you!


    Claire - Thank you so much for your response. I have really suspected exactly what you have suggested. I know the original problem started with the antibiotic and when I had to be on an antibiotic again a few weeks ago all my symptoms went away. I was able to fully exert myself while on the antibiotic and had absolutely no problems with my knees.


    I am definitely going to try a probiotic and then try an elimination diet if necessary. I'm very familiar with dietary issues because my son has many allergies. I've also got a glucosamine supplement, and I'll start taking that tonight. You've given me some hope!


    Jean - I will keep this in mind. Thank you!


    Teacher Mom - This sounds exactly like me. Oh, how I HATE to go to the doctor! I know I'm going to probably have to break down and do it though. I will have to see if I can find a sports medicine one in my area. Thanks!

  3. I am hoping someone here can give me some encouragement or direction as to what kind of a doctor I need to see.


    I have been having trouble with my knees since sometime around last October. At that time, I had to take an antibiotic for an infection and when I started the antibiotic, my joints became stiff. Since I had just started exercising and really feeling like I was getting in shape for the first time in years, I didn't want to stop even though I was having trouble with stiffness. As a result, I injured both of my ankles and both of my knees to the point that I was unable to walk for 2 weeks. Stupid, I know.


    Since then, I have gone through periods where I feel that I have completely healed, only to have the problem return again. It seems any time I exercise, it triggers the problem. When I wake up in the morning, my knees feel fine. By the end of the day, I am not in pain or anything, but they don't feel right. I can exercise (I've been going to Curves), but only every other day and when I come back from my workout, I feel like my knees are swelling. If I try to exercise more than one day in a row, then I start to have real problems again. This is the case even with low impact exercise, such as walking on the treadmill or stationary bike.


    This is a minor problem compared to what many others suffer, but it's really upsetting to me because it's restricting my activities. I feel so much better when I'm exercising and I don't feel like I can.


    Has anybody ever gone through a problem like this for so long and then made a full recovery? What kind of a doctor do I need to see for this?


    Thanks so much!


  4. Michele -


    If you still think there is a problem, you should follow your instinct and check it out. There are at least 2 distinct types of processing problems. One is auditory processing disorder and the other is language processing. I think it can be difficult to weed out the difference. If it is auditory processing disorder, then from what I understand, only an audiologist can diagnose this. If it is a language processing issue, the SLP should be qualified to make a diagnosis. If it isn't clear to the SLP what the problem is, then in my experience an APD eval may be recommended to rule it out.


    My son has always had a great deal of trouble in following oral directions. We had him tested for APD last year and while he has some auditory weaknesses, he does not have APD. For him, it is a language problem and possibly also related to the fact that he has weaknesses in the area of working memory.


    Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing program is supposed to help with this. My son did this program and made dramatic improvements in comprehension and yet, he still has great difficulty with following oral directions, particularly if they are abstract. This is the one area of their program that he made very little progress in.


    The main time that I see problems with this is when we are doing our schoolwork and I ask him a question or give him some directions to follow. Many times, I know he knows the answer to the question, but he just doesn't understand what I am asking. If he does not understand the question/directions, what helps is having him repeat it back, sometimes a few times and giving him a few minutes to think about it. It has also been recommended that I repeat myself 3 times. One time so that he can hear the words, a second for (I don't remember) and a third time for meaning. I have to do this maybe once every day or two, so it's not all the time.


    If you want to practice the skill, Gander publishing sells a couple of Following Directions workbooks.



  5. Thanks very much!


    What is Nancy Rowe's background?

    How old is your son?

    Does your son have similar issues to mine?

    How much does it cost?



    Laurie -


    My son is 8 years old. The similarities I see are that he has had trouble with both fine motor and gross motor skills/motor planning as well as working memory. The cost is reasonable as far as therapies go. I think I paid $600 for 2 full mornings of her time for the initial evaluation and then I pay her $140 every time we meet by webcam. When we meet by webcam, it is for about 1 1/2 hours and then she prepares data sheets for me after we meet. She did have me seek out an evaluation for auditory processing disorder and that was expensive because my insurance covered very little of it.


    I have been very happy with Neuronet, but it's so hard to say if it would be right for your son. E-mail Nancy and see what she says. I feel she really cares and that if she doesn't think the program would benefit you, she won't recommend that you do it. She has 2 special needs children herself and is very dedicated to helping others. She has called me at home to discuss my son and spent more than an hour on the phone with me a couple of times and never charged me. I believe her background is as an audiologist and an ot.


    While my son did get evaluated for APD, he does not have it. He does, however, have many auditory weaknesses. One of the things that has happened with him since we started Neuronet is that he is picking up on conversations I'm having, whether it be on the phone or the next room with my husband. Prior to Neuronet, he never would have noticed anything I was talking about on the phone. Now I have to be careful about what I say around him for the first time. Nancy says this is because we have reorganized his brain and he now has enough mental energy to listen in whereas before it took all he had just to focus on what he was doing.


    Another thing that has happened for my son since beginning Neuronet is that he is now able to play video games. This obviously wasn't a goal of mine, but I think it must be related to hand-eye coordination or motor planning. He was not able to play before and now he really enjoys it.


    Hope this helps!


  6. First, are you talking about quoting another commenter/poster? If so, go to there comment box, then press the quote button in the lower right hand corner. After that you will get a box like this "[quote name=..." Anyway' date=' between those two boxes (making sure that you don't erase either of them), you erase all but the words that you want quoted. After that, you arrow down below the quote and start your own comment about them.







    But, the second MY child was born, I GOT it. KWIM?? I couldn't imagine ever loving anything as much as I loved this slimy, bloody being they just handed me! And, then, my second was born. And, then, my third. And, then, my fourth. (Oh and FWIW - I also sleep with my kids until they are, well, old. And, I nurse them for as long as they want.)


    I think (and hope) it will be the same with my grandkids. I think there's just a "maternal" instinct that kicks in. At least, I hope so. 'Cause if not, I won't be a very good grandma either!!



    Oh, Jennefer - I really hope you are right about this. It had just recently dawned on me that I probably won't make a good grandma. My kids are getting older and I'm going to be 40 this year. I have many times thought I should have one more before it's too late, but then told myself I can look forward to being a grandparent. Just last week, I realized that I probably won't like the grandparent role. I love, love, love being a mom, but I don't think I'll feel the same way about being a grandparent. I really hope I am wrong.



  8. Well, take a look at Rightstart's website. http://www.alabacus.com/pageView.cfm?pageID=269


    I just checked it out and it says that Joan Cotter's background is as a Montessori teacher and Rightstart is a Montessori program.


    I have never looked at Shiller, but I haven't ever heard many positive comments about it.


    My son has been doing well with Rod & Staff math, which takes a rote approach but I've recently gone back to supplementing with Rightstart for him to help build some deeper understanding of the concepts.



  9. The baking soda, vanilla extract and calcium fortified OJ should all be fine. When we first started the diet, vanilla extract was not considered gluten free since there is alcohol in it and there was some question about whether it contained gluten. Now that the labelling laws have improved, vanilla extract is something I use regularly.


    As far as the Rice Dream, it contains a very small percentage of barley. It is something like .002%. The new labelling laws have a threshold that is higher than .002%, so Rice Dream is now able to state that their product is gluten free.


    I have mixed feelings about this. Some people are more sensitive to gluten than others and I don't like knowing there is even a small amount of gluten in a product. If your son is doing fine on the Rice Dream, I would use it, but only if you have had a period without it so that you are sure he is not reacting to it. I feel my son reacts to it, but I have only tried it a couple of times. I will probably try it again in the future just in case I am mistaken. I would really like to use it for the same reasons that you do.




  10. Laurie -


    I'm doing Neuronet now with my son. We had to travel to Florida to get him evaluated by Nancy Rowe, the developer of the program. Since then, we have met by webcam once every 3 - 4 weeks. We've been doing the program since August. My son can now do things physically that I honestly wouldn't have thought possible in the past. I also feel that it is helping him with his processing abilities. The exercises take about 15 - 20 minutes a day to do.


    Let me know if you have any questions about it.



  11. It can take a while for medications to build up in your system, so that's why it may not have affected her immediately. My niece takes ritalin and she was fine for the first few weeks on it and then she began to suffer from insomnia. Fortunately, her neurologist recommended using melatonin to get her to sleep and that has resolved the situation for her.


    Anyway, I would talk to the doctor, but I would definitely want to do a trial period without the Pulmicort to see if that resolves things.


    Hope it works out. I feel sorry for you and your daughter. It is a terrible thing when you cannot sleep.



  12. My son does not have ADHD and is not in the gifted range, so if it is ADHD related, I don't know how helpful I will be. However, my son does have other similarities to yours -- above average vocabulary, no problems with decoding/reading and doesn't have any vision problems.


    His comprehension was low in reading and he had poor receptive language skills. He did Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing program and it made a tremendous difference for him. Prior to LMB, when he was 5, his comprehension tested in the 30th percentile on the kindergarten level. After we did the V/V program, his comprehension was in something like the 80th percentile on the 5th grade level. It has made a tremendous difference for him.


    If at all possible, I would try to take your son for the intensive one-on-one tutoring that is offered at LMB. You can do the V/V program at home if you do not want to go to one of LMB's centers, but there is another program that is more user friendly for parents called IdeaChain. I have not used that and frankly, can't find anyone who has, but it is based on very similar ideas as the V/V program.


    If you don't want to do V/V, I have heard good things about Early Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter by http://www.epsbooks.com. I tend to think this is more likely to help someone with a mild problem, but it might be worth trying.


    Lastly, SRA has a direct instruction program called Corrective Reading - Comprehension. The direct instruction programs have a lot of research behind them and an excellent track record. Since my son is not as strong with inferences and drawing conclusions as he is with pulling out the facts, I may use this to help him in this area. The SRA programs are extremely expensive if you buy directly from them, but if you are patient, you can often find them on ebay. If finances were an issue, I think I would try this before LMB.




  13. My daughter has almost completed Rightstart A, and I plan to move directly into B with her without taking a break. I know there are lessons in B that I can skip if I do this, but I'm not sure which ones they are.


    Can anyone help me with this please?




  14. My son has been gf for 5 years now. I definitely agree with getting tested for other food allergies and eliminating oats if she is not already doing so. If she does not get results after doing those things, I think the Specific Carbohydrate Diet would definitely be worth looking into.


    I have heard people say that once they are on the gf diet, they become much more sensitive when they ingest gluten. It really can take some time for her body to heal. If she has DH, I believe she could react to gluten even if she just touches it.


    So sorry to hear she is having such a tough time!



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