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  1. What is the range in Germany? Thank you. At 65, then, I have good levels. I'll need to confirm the measurement levels are the same. Thank you. Good to know the upper limits. I wonder if continuing to take Vit. D will continue to raise my numbers. I'm going to guess it will keep them about the same since I don't go outside as much in the winter.
  2. Does it state within the article what good levels of Vit D are or do you know? I had mine checked and was told that at 65 (whatever the unit of measure was) it's very good, but I can't find any sources that tell me the range of acceptable Vit. D in the body. All I find is how much is useful to take daily.
  3. We've always wanted to go, but haven't been able to. Maybe this year, we can. Thank you for such a great idea!
  4. I read that and thought you'd have 10 calving tonight. 😂 I totally missed the minus sign! We lived in Winnipeg for a few years. The students didn't go outside if it got colder than -26*C, including wind chill. We moved back to the Midwest where going outside for recess was optional at 32*F. Now we're in Texas and don't go outside if it's below 50*F. What's "cold" is so location and climate dependent.
  5. I purchased Lagostina Professional Plus about 20 years ago. I think one pan has a small dent in it and part of a plastic bread wrapper melted on the side, but otherwise it's still in great shape. The only drawback is that they don't nest, so they take up a fair amount of space. When our kids were home, I regularly used all but the smallest saucepan and skillet. I'm finding now, though, I'm using the smaller pans since it's usually only dh and I.
  6. That's pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  7. This juicer is really easy to use and yields more juice than the hand held squeeze juicers. Https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQR3ZQB/ref=cm_sw_r_sm_apa_fabc_aL.VFbFBKZC5K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. We tried one back in March for 2 parents and 3 young adults. What we found was that it was hard for all to participate. We had one screen and several physical clues. One of us would play the audio, then a couple more would try to figure out the clues, but it seemed like there was a lot of sit and wait/ down time. I'd love to try another one, but would like one that everyone can participate in. Some of our players got bored and left.
  9. What is a piecaken? The flavors sound delicious!
  10. Ruidoso is the place many people I know go. As far as the drive with young kids, my kids (infant and 3 year old) did fine with back to back long drives. If my kids hasn't seen snow and we needed a big diversion, I might have considered it, too. San Antonio still feels like summer right now with temps in the mid 70's and 80's. I can see the allure of someplace cold for a little while.
  11. Those of you who make your own dishcloths, what yarn do you use? I've used Cookies n Cream, but the dishcloths it produces are too thick and don't dry in between uses. I'd like a yarn that's a little thinner.
  12. Along these lines, people in my neighborhood buy snowballs for the kids in January from Bahama Bucks and they have a snowball fight. It's great fun for all the neighbors! Let me ask my kids. I think there's a place in New Mexico that a lot of people in my neighborhood go skiing. I think it's only any 8 or 9 hours from San Antonio. It really depends on the weather, though.
  13. Poor kitty! I hope you're able to figure something out!
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