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  1. Thank you for your ideas. She is checking at the medical school not to far away. She will be in a large city with universities/colleges, but I'm not sure how many/if they're nearby. I texted her to see if her company hires other college grads and whether the company can connect them. She'll check with them next week. I hadn't thought to check crime stats. Thanks, klmama, for that suggestion. Dh and I are somewhat familiar with the area and from our recollections, it's one of the safer areas in this city, but we'll double check. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I might shar
  2. My dd soon will be graduating and has found a job in a different state beginning in June. She's excited and trying to make plans. She would like to find a roommate, but neither of us know where to look. Do you have any suggestions? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  3. The link works for me now, though I don't see the daily energy use and some files aren't opening for me. ERCOT is now being sued. This is one lawsuit. I've heard of others, too.
  4. We bought a piece of vinyl like Ausmumof3 has, used a sharpie to mark around the bottom of the table, trimmed the edges (we have an oval table), and zig zag stitched heavy elastic around the bottom of it. I tried the vinyl without the elastic and just couldn't keep it in place and had a hard time wiping it down. It was easily removable when needed, but we rarely needed to take it off. Tablecloths were placed on top of it. For many, many years, we had a map of the US under it and part of our dinnertime would be geography lessons. The kids still joke about Dad's questions. Eventually they starte
  5. That's my understanding. I wouldn't expect it would be the same across all of Texas, though in other big cities it might be.
  6. They benefit from them in that they're paid for the energy, so their electric bills are just a couple of (single digit) dollars, which is a significant savings in the summer heat. We looked in to having panels installed, but the 5-6 years we'll be living in this house won't allow us to recoup most of our expense. We're not technically in the city, but our energy company supplies the entire region and has required everyone in the region to put their household solar power into the energy company's power. If we lived outside of their region, I think we could store our own solar energy.
  7. South central Texas here. Snow started talking about 8:30 this morning and had continued falling. We have several inches. It's a beautiful wet snow, great for snowmen and snowball fights. Thankfully we have our power back, though we just received a notice again to turn our thermostat down to 65* and turn off major appliances. We have no water and I'm jealous of those posting that they're doing laundry. Or water is down due to a broken pump. I'm concerned about my son who is planning to drive back to Huntsville, Alabama, tomorrow. I hope roads are cleared and he is able to find gas along t
  8. I don't specifically know. There was some discussion on the neighborhood FB page asking an installer who lives in the neighborhood how one would direct the energy from the solar panels into their home, bypassing the energy company. Several people said they're not allowed to use batteries until a few years have gone by. Our neighborhood is new enough that no one with solar is able to use batteries for storage yet. It might have to do with rebates the local energy company offered in exchange for using their solar.
  9. When you do this, check the regs. In our area, you're not allowed to harness the energy for your house until you've had the panels for a certain number of years. We have many houses in our neighborhood with solar panels who also are without electricity because they're not allowed to hook up batteries.
  10. My son would normally be in Alabama, but he drove to Houston last Thursday for the weekend (oh, to be young again!) and then decided to drive here on Sunday. I understand how hard it is to be so far away! He drives back to Huntsville this weekend. I'm really hoping the weather clears up for him! If she continues to have problems in Dallas, I might know young people who could help out.
  11. If your dd is in College Station and needs a place to stay, I might know of one. I might also be able to arrange transportation. Let me know.
  12. I'm just now reading this thread. If your mom needs help or you'd like us to check on her at any point, please let me know. I would be glad to help her. Our landline is through our cable company and won't work without power. Hopefully her neighbor's landline doesn't require electricity. I'll pm you my phone number because I am not reading here very much.
  13. I haven't read all the responses, so maybe someone has already mentioned the info in the article. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/02/texas-power-grid-crumples-under-the-cold/
  14. This was a great day to teach my son how to drive in the snow. He drove a little when we went to Colorado and he's searched it out in northern Alabama at college, so we practiced controlled slides and quick turns in slush, on ice, and in snow so he would know how to safely correct problems. I forgot how much fun driving in snow can be!
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