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  1. We've been tipping about 20% or more depending on how often we frequent the restaurant. Neither of us lost our jobs, so we try to be generous when we can.
  2. I voted Friday afternoon. I waited about 30 min in line. Most people were masked outside and all were masked inside. As we approached the voting room, there was hand sanitizer available and someone held a glove open for me to slip my hand into. I had to read my driver's license number aloud instead of having it scanned. Apparently in my state the new licenses are difficult to scan. The ballot went into the voting machine and I made my choices on a screen. My votes were put on my ballot card and I finished the process by inserting the ballot into another machine. The library I was in had 16 vot
  3. I'm going to offer a slightly different opinion than what you're feeling. It sounds like you're in Texas. We are, too. Our 2 daughters are about 3 hours from us in opposite directions. One dd came to our city for 2 weeks as part of her med school training. She didn't stay with us during the work week, but she was here on the weekends and a couple of nights each week. She has been exposed to covid while doing her rotations, but has taken as many precautions as possible. She tested negative before she arrived to our house in our house the first time, but due to stupid policies at the time in our
  4. We did something similar the previous year when we went to visit. I thought it was fun, bne sibling didn't like it because her gift wasn't personalized to the recipient and the other didn't like the gift $ limit. He wanted to spend more. I'm thinking we'll go the way of dh's family and just start sending cards.
  5. I think he was in his 3rd or 4th year of med school when she stopped posting. I have a daughter who was just a year or two behind him and she was helpful as we were navigating med schools apps and expectations for the white coat ceremony.
  6. I think for Christmas gift giving, my extended family will be going to no gifts after this year. My mom would like to purchase fewer Christmas gifts for her 3 kids, their spouses and mostly adult children (and potential grandkids' families), so last year, I organized a secret Santa. Some people didn't like it because I set it up too late and they didn't know what to get for family members they didn't know well and they didn't like me doing the drawing. So I changed it up this year by going through elfster, which offers the possibility of using a wish list, and setting it up sooner. This year,
  7. Your comment sparked a good discussion with dd, who explained what you're referring to. I totally didn't make a connection with RBG when I wrote it. Judge Barrett it is.
  8. By legislation if RvW is overturned. "Number one, we don't know exactly what she will do, although the expectation is that she very well may overrule Roe, and the only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation to make Roe the law of the land," Biden said. "That's what I would do." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-roe-v-wade-law-land-supreme-court-supporters/
  9. I would have expected ACB or her staff to have already completed an in depth online search as part of her review submission. I would also expect that some of what she's done has been public and would be searchable, not necessarily that she would need to recall everything from her own records.
  10. Once they're further into their major, many students don't have a choice if they want to graduate on time, especially if all classes are online. One of my kid's universities insists they use a specific company to proctor their tests. That company's app, when downloaded, allows company to look at ALL the files on the computer. The students at the university have protested it (and are looking for ways around it), but if they need the courses, they have to tolerate the intrusion on their computers. My ds and dd both look into the distance when they're thinking about something. They've bot
  11. I would not recommend my first method. I tried it over the sink, like people say to do, but it causes me to cough or sneeze or something the first couple of times I do it. I had salt water all over my mirror and counter, including everything sitting on my counter. It was a mess! So now I do it while I'm in the shower. It doesn't matter if the saline solution goes everywhere because I can just rinse it off.
  12. We had creamed eggs. Béchamel sauce with sliced hard boiled eggs mixed in poured over toast. It's still one of my favorites, but dh isn't a fan of the after effects.😂 We also had baked bean sandwiches. Toast bread under the broiler. Top with baked beans from a can, a slice of tomato, slices of cooked bacon, and a slice of American cheese. Stick under the broiler until the cheese is soft and bubbly. My kids like this one a lot. Mac n cheese from a box topped with ketchup. I still like it that way, but everyone else around me says "ewww!". Sometimes Mom would make a tomato sauce from d
  13. It's the same blue on my computer, too. Strange that we're not all seeing the same thing. Can you change the default mode?
  14. This is what I'm seeing. It changed sometime between when I looked at the forums last night and when I looked first thing this morning. In the past, I could scroll to the bottom of any page and change the default view. That was missing this morning.
  15. I broke my baby toe when I was in high school. The doctor told me to wear stiff soled shoes for the next X weeks so the toe wouldn't bend. I couldn't wear tennis shoes. Wooden clogs were in style then, so that was what I wore daily for several weeks. He said the toe shouldn't bend. I don't know if that was specific to where my break was or if it was essentially splinting without splinting. Hope it's not broken and heals quickly!
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