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  1. Wow, thank you to everyone who responded!  Some great things to consider.  Maybe the home idea isn't looking so bad! ;-)  It's so nice to get input.  I'd love anything more anybody has to say.... thank you so much to those who took the time to respond!  I'm taking notes!  I know when my 4 kids were younger if this was available I would have used it!  Trick is to be affordable enough people want to take advantage of it and yet enough money to make it worth it.  I would make $130 subbing in the local school district... that would not be possible doing "in home".  

  2. I have this idea to start a homeschool "respite" business.  It would be a place where moms could send their child for a day or two at a time say for instance when other kids in the family are sick, or mom just needs to focus on something else, but she still wants school accomplished.  I would not TEACH as much as facilitate and oversee work being done.  Has anyone heard of anyone doing this or have any of you tried this?  I'm just thinking about all the ins and outs right now and am wondering if there are any BTDT people out there.  I have googled and can't seem to find anyone who has done this.  It may be way out in left field and not doable, but I'm just trying to think of creative ways to make an income.  I am a licensed teacher so I do have that credential as well as almost 10 years homeschooling K-11th grade.  My thoughts were to have a place, say a church, where we could meet.  Or my other thought would be to go into people's homes, although that would make it difficult if mom wanted to get things done at home and kind of negate the "sick kids" benefit.  Anyway... thoughts on this?  Do you think it would work?  What kinds of things do you think I need to consider?  Thanks for any input you may have!  I'd be particularly interested in people who have done this or know someone who has.  Thanks!

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