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  1. @PeterPan I just reserved The Book Whisperer at my local library, thanks for the recommendation. That bathroom reader looks great! I'll have to try that. What reading curriculum did you go with?
  2. Thanks @wendyroo I'll check it out. Sounds short and sweet, I like that.
  3. I'm still wondering if people generally do a formal reading curriculum for a 5th grader who is a little delayed, and if so, which one?
  4. @wendyroo Thank you so much! This is very helpful. We've tried a couple of these books, I'll definitely be checking out some of these.
  5. @EKS thank you! There is an optometrist in my area. I'll definitely look into getting an appointment. It wouldn't hurt to rule it out. He actually reads pretty well once he gets started, he just doesn't like to read out loud. He looks at books on his own a lot, but I'm never sure if he's actually reading the book or looking at the pictures. He detests reading chapter books.
  6. Thanks! I think it's more like he feels overwhelmed when he sees a lot of words. Are you all talking about something more than a regular vision check? Because he's had that. Thank you!
  7. I'm homeschooling for the first time and my ds will be going into 5th grade. He can read pretty well, but is a very reluctant reader. He doesn't like books that have "a lot of words on the page". He loves to be read to. I'm trying to decide if I should do an actual reading curriculum such as All About Reading level 4 or another curriculum. Or if I should just let him do reading at his own pace. I had him read one of the books from the All About Reading placement mastery test and he did well. He just didn't want to read it, but read it well save a word or two once he got started. I welcome sugg
  8. @Emily ZL those are some really good points on Math Mammoth. I didn't realize you could buy the entire curriculum for all years for one price. What a great deal! I think I'll get it and I can always change to something else for my older son if it's not working.
  9. @PeterPan Thank you so much for all of the info, I will be looking into your recommendations
  10. @square_25 Yes, I do need to review. I think I will have him do a couple of placement tests and see what they reveal. We haven't don't any rounding since May, but I remember him struggling with larger numbers so I don't have a specific example.
  11. @PeterPan That is kind of what I'm thinking. I guess I'm just a little nervous about MUS since it's pricey and I want to make sure it's going to be good before I make the investment.
  12. @square_25 His rounding issues were with bigger numbers. I'm not sure on 11x13 without an algorithm. I'm thinking maybe I should just repeat a lot of what he was supposed to have learned. Thank you so much for your help. I'll look forward to any ideas you have 🙂
  13. @BusyMom5 Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! He does well with addition, subtraction and multiplication. He is good at memorizing and memorized his multiplication tables well. He does pretty well with division. In fourth grade, he had trouble with rounding, measurements (cups, quarts etc.) and always struggles with motivation. I'm not sure on how many repetitions, we went over multiplication quite a bit. He's the type of kid who would rather be doing just about anything else besides school work. He seems to do better with one on on explanations, diagrams and
  14. I'll be homeschooling for the first time this fall and am getting hung up on what Math curriculum to use. My son going into second grade did fine with Everyday Math in first grade, my son going into 5th grade struggled with 4th grade math, they used Zearn last year. I'm planning to homeschool my older son from now through the middle school years for sure. He has struggled quite a bit with school in general and has focus issues. We may send our younger son back to public school to finish out elementary. I like the looks of Math U See but am concerned it would be difficult for my younger so
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