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  1. I think this is what it boils down to. We need to re-focus on the cross of Christ. I see all too many leaders who either compromise with the world in their beliefs (to the detriment of sharing the Gospel), spend so much focus fighting against the beliefs of the world to remember to point people to Christ, or compromise in their own living and damage their testimony (e.g. Ravi Zacharias.) We need to re-focus on the Gospel.
  2. You might consider MEP. It is spiral for elementary.
  3. Does she enjoy phone/tablet games? It might be worth trying the Dragonbox app.
  4. Applied digital skills teaches some of these sorts of things, but it's for G Suite rather than Microsoft. Applied Digital Skills
  5. I don't know about workbooks, but you could look at these sites: readworks.org is general passages at a variety of grade levels with questions newsela.com for current events sciencenewsforstudents.org for science (look for the feature articles that have accompanying before, during, and after reading questions)
  6. I am a school science teacher, and I use these free textbooks as supplementary material sometimes. Some of the activities require special materials, but many can be done with household items. It is secular, and each year contains a mix of topics (although you could certainly take just the chemistry topics from a few different years if you wanted.) There are also links to videos and such. 5th grade 7th grade
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