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  1. We started the WTM approach back in September and have been having a great time. The main obstacle I'm finding is that my 9y.o. just doesn't get the concept of summarising a text (i.e. exercises from WWE). His summaries include loads of detail, plus additional detail that wasn't even in the original! Then he runs out of space on the page and just stops, without including half the main points of the original text. Every time we do it, I explain to him what a summary is, read the prompt questions, look through the paragraphs with him to highlight main points and cross out unimportant details. But he still doesn't get it - and the more I try to explain, the more disheartened he gets. Anyone else had this problem? Any advice? Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone, this is really helpful and reassuring. I clearly misunderstood some fundamental points, so will go bact to WTM and read again. As everyone has been so helpful, can I ask about one more of my major fears? The part of the day which is structured learning (whether that's reading, writing, being creative or whatever) seems straightforward once you get get going. What I'm even MORE worried about is the free time! When all their friends are at school and I need some time to myself to work, get dinner, or just breathe. What do your kids do to keep themselves occupied without other kids or Mummy to play with?! It may just be my boys but they are terrible at keeping themselves busy independently (one of the reasons I wanted to break them out of the formal school system where initiative seems to be frowned on!). Right now, they just follow me around all day until I'm ready to scream! Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement, it's really valuable 🙂
  3. Funnily enough, my husband is reading Racso and the Rats of Nimh (sequel) to the 5 year old right now! He loves it. Charlotte's Web makes me cry, so will have to wait a while longer... I think a mix. Things like maths I'd like to have the whole thing done out for me. The other areas I'd like to have more flexibility.
  4. Hi Susan, yes I did see that post. In fact, it was partly that which freaked me out! The list of resources and topics and books and websites.... it seemed like so much work to do! I guess I need to get clearer about which things are either/or rather than 'and and and'.
  5. Hmmm, ok. Maybe I misunderstood how much time per day they were meant to be doing these things. I thought the 8 year old, for example, would have to write at least a whole page a day. Clearly I need to go back and do some more research... And yes, we are definitely deschooling right now! It's great 🙂
  6. Hi all, I'm new. I came across Susan's books by chance and got completely hooked into all of it. My children beg for 'Story of the World' more than any other book at bedtime! I love it too. I am planning to take them out of school permanently (they were at local school but because of Covid we've been homeschooling the past few months). I've been doing lots of research about all the different home school styles and curricula, and I really like the Well Trained Mind approach. I just have one big concern. Compared to the style of learning they are used to (age 5 and 8 ) this seems very, well, boring. They love the books and the stories, but I can't imagine the struggle of getting them to do narrations, detailed grammar study, handwriting (they fight against this already). Personally, I've always worked well learning lots of rules by rote and methodically. I guess that's why this system appeals to me. But it is old fashioned and I'm afraid they will be bored and unhappy. I'd love to hear from others who have moved from standard schooling to this approach, and how their children responded to the change in style. Any tips for making it more 'fun' and playful, while still keeping the content and philosophy? Thanks!
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