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  1. We got the new water softener. We had sticker shock because we figured they were $300. However, most available now or immediately were closer to $600, but we snagged one for $450 after all, praise God. I did a christianbook order for some gifts for my household, and 5 other kids in the family. Still have 7 kids to shop for. I am on the lookout for a basic but quality mechanic's tool set for a nephew turning 18 who is into cars.
  2. This is an infrequent but existant issue for my youngest. By what age does it typically resolve? He also occasionally writes numerals backwards. I know it can be developmentally normal, just wondering for how long. Thanks
  3. We went to (and love) CLE Learning to Read, with Abeka's Handbook for Reading on the side.
  4. Ok so reading this, I just realized we have had a test store somewhat nearby. I went in last fall or winter when I couldn't find cat food anywhere. They had a mix of signs everywhere and the store was trash. Every FD I have been to has been trash, actually. So this does not give me hopeful feelings. 🤷‍♀️
  5. I've always liked Nonna. I've had (across my family and his) Granny, Mimi, Grandma, Mammaw, Momma B__(last name)___.
  6. Well that would help but I think my biggest thing is just time getting away from me. I blinked and it's basically October. I usually atleast have a few ideas and a little money put aside by now. What is crowdtap? I need to Google that.
  7. I have a few small things, snacks and freebies put away for my household for holiday gifts but am otherwise behind in every way for planning for gifts. 😣
  8. Man I forgot those existed for some people. LoL I dislike our twice monthly (not every other week) pay schedules. I have found this to be true. Especially this year, with everyone looking. Kids growth rates at this age range shocks me. My older one is 10 and his cousin is 12. Mine is just getting into 12s and cousin is in 18s/mens small and they are comparable body types. Hormones, man. The grandmother gift cards are genius. Mine has a toddler's appetite now, and only drinks water and coffee. $10-15 would feed her just about anywhere. I could get some for her 4 fave places.
  9. Well we were skating along nicely, putting a few hundred aside for a small upgrade in the home. The water softener went out and is not salvageable. My husband is a jack of all trades and has spent time trying, but no way to do it. So I'm considering biting the bullet and doing both new softener and the upgrade at once instead of cash flowing one and then the other. Meh. Going back to check prior replies now.
  10. 😳 That's bizarre. I walked away from a volunteer position in a small town when they handed me a 9 page application for the position of sorting donated clothing into keep and trash. There were other like jobs elsewhere in town without that nonsense.
  11. The Thinking Tree has journals on most of these topics. They are "unschooling" workbooks.
  12. I have two boys and they both want kids. One says 2-3, the other says 10. 😉
  13. We did them last year. We did Bible every few days, and otherwise worked straight through books in sequential order. They are typically skill-specific and do get progressively more difficult. There were 2 books we didn't love because they were incredibly redundant, but I cannot recall which. One was a lot of cut and paste, which he liked. The second half of the series has little dioramas and things to create.
  14. Where is this? I know 2 people who had it last week in different parts of my state.
  15. We were told 5500-6000 for regular braces after we complete this $1k bite plate round. He has perfectly straight teeth but overbite and overjet.
  16. The first basically absorbed it via Sesame Street and Word World. With the second, I used TYCTR 100 Easy Lessons through about lesson 60, switched to Bob books/Abeka early readers/easy Dr Seuss, then went into this year with CLE Learning to Read to learn more "rules" if you will. It was painless because he was very ready and motivated.
  17. Do you like it enough to just continue with it and address the CO when it comes up?
  18. I love CLE but have personally not yet used reading. If CO is the only prickly point and he's 10, why not try it and use it as a discussion point? Watch Hacksaw Ridge maybe? I know what you mean, though. I had to warn someone new to HS that CLE might raise some questions about women's roles and modest dress etc when she picked it for her 14yo granddaughter.
  19. We recently returned from vacation and school started today. We stayed on budget for the trip except about $90 in car parts because something flaked out as soon as we got to the resort. I took up a friend on an offer to watch her 2 littlest until Christmas or she can find a daycare that can take both, whichever comes first. The money is nice but I am sooo tired having doubled the number of kids here. No big money plans for the next month. I am casually perusing used vehicles.
  20. I know someone offering double that with no takers. 😞
  21. This was a problem for him initially. They did have a handful of contacts simply retire early 2020. The bigger loss has happened in the last 3-4 months somehow.
  22. Except in trucking. Close family member works shipping logistics. They were paying 50-80% higher than prior rate and couldn't get a bite. Then they add $100 more to the listings each day it lingers and things still sit for up to a week, when they used to have more drivers than loads.
  23. Also no pumpkin here. I didn't see it til about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving last year. I use Oxyclean laundry stain gel and have only found 1 tube in 1.5 years. Pet food is scary low. Aldi finally had bagel seasoning but TJs and Walmart have been out for months.
  24. How old is he? Anyone can vary up to 2 pounds day to day so you are likely looking at under 4 pounds lost. Any reason to suspect thyroid issues? Mine was diagnosed at 11.
  25. They weren't kidding... it's incredibly hard to opt out of CTC. It needs all sorts of biometrics and couldn't confirm me. Also, my oldest is between kids and mens shoes. Looks like his cleats will likely be mens size, which means an extra $20 for the same shoe. 🙄
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