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    Math mammoth CD light blue series for grades 4-7. Please email with any questions. Thanks!


  2. We just switched from MM to CLE. I thought MM would be a good fit as it’s pretty aligned with what my kids were doing in the public school. We did the whole workbook for 4A so I can say we gave it a good trial. It was not a good fit for my children in the end. The busy pages even started to drive me up the wall. My main issue was the child was shown on the 1st page how to work the concept. There was a small section where the problems were worked the same way as the example. After that the concept was the same but the problems looked completely different. There is a strong focus on
  3. Hi! Is this still available?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a 10 year old lefty who really struggles with cursive. This is our 1st year homeschooling so he learned cursive in public school and they practiced it daily for 2 years. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun to get him to do it painlessly. Left handed books, every type of pen or pencil, trying copywork of something his really into, researching with him why cursive is important, watching videos on tips for lefties, etc... I only require it once a day now. He still will complain and make a 5 minute exercise turn into 35 minutes or longer. This has been go
  5. Thank you so much for your response. i was looking directly on the California Achievement Test website and couldn’t find what I needed so thank you so much! I did buy it today to use for a 4th grader. We tried it on Firefox as that is my preferred browser. I used and IPad mini 4 with the latest update and everything worked seamlessly. We did not do the timed option as that was a big concern for my kids as they felt they never had enough time when being tested in the public schools. It would have caused unwanted stress. The test doesn’t look to have any typing at this age
  6. Hello! I’m thinking of having my kids take the California Achievement Test for my own records this year. The question I have is we only have iPads and not a personal computer. Does anyone know if the online test will work with an iPad or if I should just order the paper version just to be safe. TIA!
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