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  1. okay that seems really cluttered, I will definitely use your tips to segment the pages. I'm going to look up the Process Skills workbooks, I've never come across them. Like I said there are sooo many associated workbooks with SM, it gets confusing. We'll save the Challenging Word Problems for some summer review. Thanks for all the tips and recommendations. hehe, good to know other non mathy people have had success with this. LOL @your ds cutting the pages in to strips. Way to get creative 🤣
  2. Hmm, it seems the cluttered pages are something to keep in mind. I do like that everyone on this thread seems to agree that MM has a lot of practice. Do you feel that not having a teacher's guide is a significant drawback, or does the worktext suffice? Yes, that's a part of the problem for me. I have multiple kids (other than the ones I'm referring to here) and I want to avoid becoming overwhelmed by a gajillion homeschooling materials. I'd like to keep it as simple as possible without sacrificing quality of content. So if that means sticking to Singapore Math, so be it. I'm glad t
  3. I'm looking for a complete math curriculum for my 2nd and 5th grader. I thought I was set on Singapore Math, but after some more research I'm going to add MM to the running. I'm looking for something which offers a lot of practice work, helps them strengthen their mental math skills, and helps builds a great foundation for middle and high school math. Would you say one of these fit the bill better than the other?
  4. Oh wow, thank you so much everyone! I didn't expect such thorough and extensive feedback. After taking everything mentioned here in to account, we've decided BA probably won't be the right fit for us. We're going to go with Singapore Math, hopefully it works for us. Thanks again 🙂
  5. I really like Math Mammoth for the drills. I guess what I'm looking for is the BA's innovative approach to teaching concepts, and Math Mammoth's drilling. Maybe I should do both 😛
  6. That actually sounds like a lot of fun! Yeah, I think that's my issue here. I'm trying to compare it to traditional school math curricula. Those involve a lot of drilling, so it's hard for me to wrap my mind around something different. Thanks for the tip about utilizing the hint and solutions.
  7. This is good to hear. I'm starting to think BA isn't just for the truly "gifted" or "exceptional" as everyone keeps saying. It just seems to be a better way of doing math.
  8. I'm trying to decide between Singapore Math (Primary Edition) and Beast Academy for my 2nd and 5th grader. My biggest concern with BA is the amount of practice it entails. Is it enough? Do kids retain it well? Can it serve as a full curriculum without additional supplementary material?
  9. They'll be reading quite a bit 🙂
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate the input.
  11. Thank you! I hadn't even considered it until now. Would you recommend adding a supplement like Evan Moor's Language Fundamentals?
  12. Oh dear. We've never done CLE, so going over the scope and sequence, I just assumed it would have sufficient writing instruction. I'm very, very interested in Essentials in English. Since my kids are too young for the Essentials in Literature curriculum, could the Essentials in Writing curriculum alone serve as a comprehensive language arts curriculum? I'm totally fine skipping the spelling component.
  13. Hmm, that's definitely something to think about. I'll go over their scope and sequence some more and see if it aligns with 5th grade standards for other ELA programs - it's very possible that it does. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Yes, all of it. We will do our own independent grade level reading, but that's it. The rest I would like to get from one comprehensive, and generally hands-off curriculum. I'd prefer the same curriculum for both kids so I can thoroughly familiarize myself with it for teaching purposes... So far, only CLE seems to fit the bill. Someone above mentioned Language Smarts, which looks fantastic, but it only goes up to 4th grade.
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