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  1. You know, I don't watch TV for ages. Since I found good streaming websites, I watch movies and series online on my laptop. Actually it's convenient and free. I can share a list of the best sites, I am sure it's useful for many, you are welcome https://streamingsites.com
  2. Never. To be honest, I am really bad at writing. I always buy essays and other papers as well. By the way, there are a lot of good writing services but personally, I prefer ExpertWriting. This service provides high-quality papers in short terms. By the way, regular clients get expertwriting promo code on weekly emails.
  3. You know, during this quarantine I changed my lifestyle habits. I became balanced, prudent. I just needed more rest. Also, I started reading books and going to the gym. Shortly speaking, I like my life now. By the way, what is the best movie you've ever seen? I would like to watch something interesting, besides I found a lot of good streaming websites.
  4. I would love to spend two weeks at home. I work a lot and have no time to relax. I have a long list of series and movies I want to watch. By the way, there are so many reviews of Money Heist, who has watched? I came across a huge list of various streaming websites, I am sure it's useful for many https://streamingsites.com
  5. I like to do crafts, hope I'll have enough time for myself this week. By the way, I always wanted to learn more about electronics so that I decided to look for DIY electronic projects. I found some options, this kit is the best for beginners https://diystadium.com/snap-circuits-kits-for-teens-review/ . It's really so exciting, highly recommend!
  6. That's a great tip actually. I was always bad at writing but this method helped. Just read as many essays on a similar topic as you can. Then it will be much easier to write your own. If nothing helps, I think it's a good idea to apply to a writing service. In order to choose the best one, read reviews on stressays website.
  7. Horrible situation, I hope everything will be alright soon
  8. Hi guys! I am newbie here :)
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