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  1. My girls loved Black Ships Before Troy and the Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff. Just make sure you get the versions with the illustrations. They are beautiful. We also loved Cleopatra by Diane Stanley. It is very well done and full of information. The Librarian Who Measured the Earth is another good one.
  2. One of the things I need to improve next year is my organization. I want everything to be ready and functional when we start up for the year. I am wondering how you all use language notebooks. Do you keep them running from year to year so that all the information is in one place? DD10 will begin studying Latin this year. She will also be learning French. My goal for French is to attain a level that would allow her to obtain a bilingual job in our country. Should I treat Latin and French in the same manner for notebook set-up? If you don't use a language notebook at all, what system do you use? I am also planning to start informal French for DS6 and DD7. Theirs will be more informal and focus on listening and speaking. Should they start notebooks as well? They don't have much grammar study so maybe we could just have a tab for nouns for their notebooks.
  3. In my local market they do not come up very often on used sites and when they do they seem to hold value and they go quickly.
  4. What are your thoughts on having kids learn to write with fountain pens? My mum had the most beautiful writing as when she went to school in England they used fountain pens. Her writing with a ballpoint pen is not as lovely. I think it might be worthwhile having the kids experience writing this way, but I am not sure it is worth the costs/time. Are there any benefits/drawbacks to spending time doing this with kids? I have been debating it for awhile now. If you have your kids use fountain pens do you have any advice/recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Keep in mind I haven't actually used it yet, but I've spent a lot of time reading threads and reviews. Many people say you can get by with just the teacher's manuals and skip the student books. The teacher's manuals have everything the student books do. They just have extra information and answers in them. The only consumable is the practice book, but you could just use the teacher's manual and copy the sentence on a whiteboard and do the analysis that way. I balked at the price too, but I have four kids that can go through the books and I am planning to use a whiteboard for the sentences.
  6. He has a guide to using the program and explains the components here and placement information here.
  7. As far as I understand, some people pick and choose which parts of the program to do. They might just use the poetry or the vocabulary or the grammar. It all seems very synergistic though. The words in vocabulary are used throughout the other books and the grammar is emphasized in the writing portions. I was totally overwhelmed looking at the program last year but I kept coming across discussions of the snuggle-on-the-couch grammar and the retention from the vocabulary and the love of language the program inspires. Some cons are that there are a lot of books, $, the lesson planning is not as straightforward, and the writing component not working well. I am not sure that we will use the writing component as more than a supplement, but we will see. There are samples on their website for each level and book.
  8. Should I have her try doing it with manipulatives first? Like if I made a big = picture on a piece of paper and put 7 beans on each side, breaking them up into groups of 3 and 4 on one side and 5 and 2 on the other?
  9. I would love to have her try but I can't guarantee enjoyment haha. Thank you.
  10. @square_25 My dd7 enjoyed the crossword you made. She was able to regroup some two digit numbers in her head! We would love some more two digit addition/subtraction crosswords if you have time.
  11. Yes! It has changed the way I see language too. I never thought I would care about grammar. In school I only learned the basic parts of speech and simple mechanics. I was able to do well academically because I was able to use grammar intuitively in my writing. Reading through the MCT materials inspired me to care and I hope it has the same effect on my kids next year.
  12. I absolutely love this idea. I think my girls would love doing this and it would be a beautiful keepsake to look back on. If your daughter was ok with it I would love to see some examples.
  13. I'm most organized at longterm planning. When I was deliberating homeschooling last year I had to write out a plan that led to high-school diploma and university. I have so many piles of paper mapping out year to year. DH was confused about why I was planning high school when our kids were in grade 1 and 4. I needed to see a path that would get us there. I have trouble breaking things down to daily lessons.
  14. Thanks. I'm happy to hear reviews on different versions. I selected Lamb and Nesbit because those seem to be the two most widely recommended on booklists. I would prefer versions that lead into reading Shakespeare in its original wording. I'm kind of swayed by illustrations too. I think when our library reopens I'm going to order in a bunch of versions and see what I like the best.
  15. Just wanted to share something I was excited about this morning. My kids are poetry lovers but have not had any formal lessons in poetry (1st year home). I am using MCT Town and Island with my DD10 and DD7 next year. I was so excited to get the materials a few months ago that I sat and read through parts of the poetry book from MCT Town with my DD10. That was the end of March. My DD hasn't looked at the materials since that day. This morning my DD10 was sitting reading The Night Before Christmas and she figured out that it was written in anapaest meter. She had never even heard of meter in poetry until the day we read about it in MCT.
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