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  1. Hello! Has anyone tried IEWs High School Essay Intensive with middle schoolers? I was thinking of using it, minus the ACT/SAT parts...
  2. No one responded, so I went ahead and got it. So far, it’s great!
  3. Hi all! I’ll be homeschooling my KGer along with my. 3/4th grader this coming year. I was planning on doing some Phonic Pathways and some kg workbook with the little one. But I wanted to make it more interesting. someone suggested Blossom and Root. Have any of you tried it? Thoughts?
  4. Thanks I’ll check them out!
  5. Available books are boring to him. Plus he doesn’t like independent reading because he lacks confidence. If something is hard for him, he hates doing it. But I also feel like if he started reading more books then he’d improve and implement what’s he’s learning, not to mention even enjoy it (fingers crossed!)
  6. Hello all! I have a struggling reader. He’s 8 and All About Reading has been wonderful for him. We’re almost done with Level 2. I would like to find a program that incorporates more reading of books. I would just have him read in his spare time, but 1. He’d rather be read to and 2. He’s not into reading on his own unless forced, lol. I like Moving Beyond the Page but it’s too expensive for me right now. Any recommendations?
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