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  1. We’re taking a wait and see approach. None of our current travel plans for the summer involve flying, so that gives more time flexibility to make a decision. And with flights as cheap as they are to some destinations, and low/no rebooking fees, I’m almost inclined to gamble and book a cheap flight. Ive seen flights on mainline carries (I.e. not Spirit) for as low as $49. Worst case scenario if we’re not refunded we would be out $150.
  2. If they live somewhere with this service, sure. But not all store and towns have this as an option. People in bigger cities should be fine. But rural areas, and maybe even some smaller cities, may not have delivery services available.
  3. That’s a terrifying statistic, and I fear he may be right. A company I used to work for laid off over 40 employees yesterday. That’s probably about 20% of their workforce.
  4. I think this is a big factor too for those of us who live in parts of the country/world that are already warming up and coming out of winter. My car has been coated in pine pollen every morning for a week and a half now.
  5. I know that a number of others have already responded, but to add in another experience based reply for OP, yes this is completely normal. My wife and I have custody of our nephew; I take him to his yearly physical. His pediatrician has done a genital exam on him each year. For the first couple of years it was a pretty quick check, long enough to make sure he didn’t have a hernia and that his testicles were descended. His underwear would be down 10-15 seconds max. This past summer that part of his physical was a bit longer. She checked his penis and foreskin, checked both of his testes for lumps, as well as the hernia check, and talked with him a little bit about puberty. This is also what I remember experiencing as a kid/teen seeing the pediatrician growing up. I think the thing your son’s pediatrician could have done better was communicate with you and your son. My nephew’s pediatrician sent us a note through MyChart when we scheduled his appointment letting my wife and I know that this year his exam would be a bit more thorough, and she recommended that we talk to him beforehand so he wouldn’t be caught off guard. But even a heads up before the exam started on the day of would have been better than the 5 seconds of warning you got when she asked your daughter to step out.
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