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  1. I am a big believer in making a house for the people who live there. We bought from a builder but customized it over the years. We have two masters, one in the bottom floor because we have parents living with us often for months. We made the formal dining room into an office for DH because he needed a locked door. We barely used it and we are not formal dining people, so we enclosed it and put a door with windows. We also have a proper shower in the garage because I used to swim regularly early morning and did not have time to shower in the locker room. So I would have a quick shower in t
  2. Saw Rebecca on Netflix. Hitchcock is a master at making things look scary or perhaps it is the combination of black and white and him. This movie is saturated with color in a lot of unexpected places especially the drive to Manderly. The memorable opening to the movie, that drive when it happens here and I was so looking forward is so anti-climatic. . Arnie Hammer is no Sir Laurence Olivier, but he tries. The whole characterization I always assumed of an older man, sophisticated man and a naive girl, this seems like more of equals except he is rich. Arnie does not look British let
  3. You mean the sister's husband who was the Queen's private secretary during the Diana years ? He would have made sense. It's Earl Spencer. I would have thought after that fiery eulogy the Windsors would not have let the Wales boys have a close relationship. But apparently he is close enough for William to ask for intervention. Interesting no one from the Windsors side, not even Peter or Zara were approached. Earl Spencer pretty much made his feelings known publicly for the royals during the eulogy so I don't know why William approached him. I think it had the opposite effect though the book d
  4. @Laura Corin Tea, cocoa, apples and berries sound like a lovely diet. I am all for it. Bring on the flavonoids. Prawn and Kale curry sounds good too. Recipe please ? May I also say I love it when you say prawn instead of shrimp. I still say prawn instead of shrimp and have had interesting looks especially in restaurants and standard grocery stores. @wintermom Thanks for showing us a peek of the project. You work fast. @Soror Wading in the river sounds good. Will make the muffins this weekend and let you know. @Ali in OR Ah the carb and weight battle. You will conquer it !
  5. So sorry about the cows and calves. Hope you get enough snow for the tracking of predators. I have only read about them in books. I hope the grizzlies find nice, fat deer and leave your cows alone.
  6. Ah OP, you last sentence of "why is this is my family" resonated so hard with me. I come from a country of a billion people, so having a small family is literally drilled into you from posters by the government to the cost of things and so most everyone has two kids. When I came to the US, one of the things I wanted was a "large" family which to me was four, double the kids in my family of origin. The idea of mother of many mentioned in the bible appealed so much to me. So I prayed and prayed for four, had my first without difficulty and then ran into a period where we lost so many.
  7. It honestly reads a bit like a book version of the Crown, especially the Season 1, Peter Townsend time. Almost a rehash. I am going to watch Season 1 again. A lot of it confirms what I suspected, it is more like I am confirming my suspicions or I am reading a lot between the lines I am not sure. Charles does come across poorly and the person Will allegedly chose to intervene is a surprising choice for me. I never knew they were that close with their mother's family to have someone from that family stage an intervention.
  8. This sounds really nice @Kareni. Glad you were able to reconnect. I am astounded that they have been going strong for 30 plus years. The book is a good one too. Have fun ! @mumto2 So nice about your former church. I have started the book about the infamous brothers. Wow is all I will say ! I am ploughing through it. Reads better than fiction I will say that. @Violet Crown So lovely that attendance in your congregation has nearly doubled. We too are church prodigals hoping to find a home and this pandemic has broadened our church "visits". Praying we find our church home too.
  9. Rebecca is out on Netflix. DH and I plan to watch it tonight after sending the kids to bed, sort of like a date/movie night. DH and I used to go to movies a lot in the middle of the week just by ourselves, but have not done in so long. It is so ridiculous how much excited I am about this. 😋
  10. Ah @wintermom You are a brave one to consider doing so while actively parenting. I don't have your courage, but I will absolutely cheer you on. Go for it. ! Good luck !
  11. @Soror Thanks for the recipe. I always look for anything with beets.Gingerbread tasting muffins made of beets sound like a miracle. @Laura Corin Glad you had a good trip ! @Ali in OR Hear you about the squats and lunges. I do not try them and that why I swam. Glad you are recovering though. @wintermom Ugh..that air fryer seems to be calling my name. Glad you will get to work on your garden. Sorry about the tennis. @FarmingMomma You are in a place where it snows this early ?? Played badminton in the dark with DH. More and more it is the two of us and it is kind of ni
  12. ((Hugs)) @regentrude I don't know if your experience is similar to mine since we came to the US as adults, but I used to look towards my friends more for companionship than they did towards me. . I came from a huge extended family with cousins and gatherings, living with grandparents, parents and brother in one house to just me in the US. Everyone in my family was in a different time zone and in the days when paying several cents per minute especially it was incredibly lonely. My friends were never just lonely the way I was because they had family and friends here that I did not, ho
  13. @IvyInFlorida Thanks for the picture. You look so lovely. Not long now. @FarmingMomma You are one brave woman. @wintermom Sorry about the rain. Hopefully you get more days of sunshine. Played and rowed. Have a good one !
  14. Showed this to my 4 year old daughter who loves all things BTS Korean. She loved it especially when I told her your daughter lives in Korea and this is her "band". My daughter told me to tell your daughter, someday she plans to go to Korea and have her own band too. 😀 Thank you for this !
  15. I have been thinking about this question so much in these past 6 months. Then I think of my grandparents. They grew up in colonization, in the shadow of TB and lost so many family members, they did not have a choice of a spouse, they met each other at the altar. Yet, they chose to have children and what I remember of their marriage is a strong, loyal, loving marriage, they had a strong faith and almost all of my memories of them include them doing things together as a couple, praying together , singing together and just living life. They were not overtly happy, but they were content and
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