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  1. To me, it makes a difference if the author is alive and had a change of mind. That is an understandable position. The people who own the rights be it a company or legal heirs do not have the same rights to me. They do not get to speak for the author. Bottom line, we cannot look at classic books the same way we look at contemporary books or the first book on the cancel list will be the Bible. This is not an unreasonable position to take for me.
  2. I wanted to slap both the version of Darcy and Lizzie because both were proud and prejudiced. 😁 Not the Lizzie of my dreams, more nightmare. This is the book I most identify with as a modern version of Lizzie. https://www.npr.org/2019/01/20/686316472/unmarriageable-sets-pride-and-prejudice-in-pakistan It is written by a Pakistani author, set in Pakistan but utterly mirrors the way I grew up right dow going to the British Council library to read. I completely smiled and cried through it. Absolutely my favorite book of modern Jane Austen versions. I find all versions of Indian c
  3. One of the things that happens when the bulk of reading you grew up with books that have people who do not look like you is you start finding ways to identify. Pride and Prejudice is one such. The starting sentence of Pride and Prejudice is half jokingly even now said describes all men of my country of origin, Mrs. Bennet is called Mrs. Besharam (Shameless in Hindi) because her desperation to marry off her daughters is very cultural. But the most identifiable for many girls of my generation was Elizabeth Bennet, Lizzie. I call her my Lizzie, she was who I aspired to be because she was out
  4. Pretty much everything I value in my life has a painful history associated with it from the language English that did not have people who looked like me yet opened the most doors in my life . My religion which came as a side effect of colonization. My own family history has painful association with colonization including a British ancestor without the benefit of a relationship. This is my history. I cannot read parts of the Bible like the slavery verses without cringing. I’ve had to grapple with racist imagery in my own family like the gollywog doll which was handed as a heirloom by my g
  5. Pretty much all the books I grew up reading are all in print and mostly old. From Jane Austen to Charles Dickens to Alexander Dumas to Baroness Orczy. We did not get lots of books to read and pretty much everything was European or British and old books then too. I hardly read classic American books growing up, only romance books. I do not remember reading to Kill a Mockingbird for instance till I came here. Never even heard of it or saw it and I grew up going to two libraries, the British and American consulate libraries. The American one had romance books and magazines mostly. The British lib
  6. I see what you are saying, but if the Enid Blyton estate stopped publishing those books today, it would mean I do not have an answer to the question about books I grew up reading when my kids ask. It is almost all the books I read at a certain age. She was a prolific writer. It is erasing almost my entire library of books from a certain time period and so much of my personal history and my memories. I have loved books my entire life and these were the books that taught me to read, learn English, improve my English and pretty much played an important role in the trajectory of my life. Quite si
  7. We pay for the school district. Don't remember the break down. That is DH's department. He is the one that fights the house taxes most years.
  8. My thoughts of racism and race in general are complicated and evolving. As much as I wish to erase some things away I cannot. How can you wish away 200 plus years history of British Colonization when come from a country with that in it's history not just 74 years ago. One of the most shocking things I learned about was the whole history of Mahatma Gandhi, a man revered in my country of origin. A person who fought against his own countrymen for the rights of the lowliest of castes where they were called untouchables as in not touched by higher caste as they were "unclean" and could not
  9. You have a few longhorns ? That is what some people do on empty lots in my city. When we bought it was semi-rural. Now it is rapidly urbanizing. Perhaps grow certain trees ? I am not sure how that works but heard something about some exemptions based on certain trees and plants and animals
  10. I did not grow up with Dr. Seuss, but I grew up with Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Tin Tin, Asterix, Rudyard Kipling and American books like Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn. Pretty much everything has racism associated with it. The thing is when you grow up where the primary language you read in is English, you get to read books like these. And love them. TinTin especially taught my brother to love reading. My feelings on these books and Tintin in particular are described better by these articles. https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/06/tintin/485501/ https://www.bbc.com/
  11. Around $9k. . It is the only house we have owned, we were advised to buy in the best school district we can afford. So we bought the "smallest" house in that. This is TX though so small is still a tad less than 3000 sq ft. Our lot size is a little over 5000 sq ft. We protest it every year. We also pay almost $900 for HOA. Thought I will throw that in because ugh...I have a love/hate with the HOA.
  12. India is a 10+2 system. Students usually go to school at age 3 to nursery school which is 2 years, then class I onwards. Only the poorest go to government school. Almost everyone goes to private schools and if I could describe it in one sentence, you get what you pay for. I will elaborate further. I am assuming all of the candidates have a minimum degree which is either 3 years (Bachelors in Science) or 4 years (Bachelors in Engineering). So you are looking at an age of 20 plus. Until Class X you receive instruction in all subjects like languages (minimum 2, mostly 3), Science and Arts.
  13. My grandmother grew up in Colonial India (When Britain colonized India) and Queen Mary was crowned Empress when she was a little girl. So she had all these books about the BRF I used to love looking at. My feelings about the BRF are complicated, but because much of my country of origin's history for over 200 years before 1947 is tied to England and the BRF were the figurehead, we studied about them in history class. Also, we are known as what is called a Commonwealth country (54 Former British Colonies) with the Queen as the head. So all the royals pretty much visit a lot officially
  14. 🤯 Wow, never heard of this. The things you learn on this board. Thank you.
  15. I know lots of useless information about the BRF, starting from Queen Mary, but I am constantly startled by how much new is uncovered in each episode. Every season I wake up early and watch, starting at 6am to binge watch because I have a little girl who loves to watch shows with me, but some of it is very much not age appropriate for her. Anyways, I constantly find myself pausing and googling to see if that really happened. Some of my most favorite scenes did not happen like did Churchill really hide his stroke from the Queen and call it a cold ? It follows a marvelous dressing down fro
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