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  1. Sandalwood and turmeric face pack mixed with rose water. Sometimes with chickpea flour or coconut oil. Rose Hip oil. Neem face wash. The occasional Korean beauty masks. Sunscreen.
  2. I've been thinking a lot about this thread and intercessory prayer. In my case, the verse 'for this child I prayed and the Lord granted me what I asked". I am not paraphrasing well, but this verse is the famous verse in which Hannah prayed for Samuel and was granted her wish. I prayed a lot for my second child after secondary infertility. We chose the name Hannah for a girl and Samuel for a boy. This was also my baby who died. My Hannah. I used to beat myself up a lot for that because of this verse too. "Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is hi
  3. A lot of people in my friends circle of various religions say they find the ritualistic aspects of prayer calming. I find tactile, sensory experiences of prayer very soothing. For instance lots of religions use prayer beads, prayer mats, specific movements and also chanting. I have co-opted many of them as a coping mechanism. Prayer beads and chanting especially are my favorites plus the sound of bells and the smell of incense. I love the sound of puja (Hindu prayer) bells or church bells. I do not know if what I am doing is prayer or even who I am praying to sometimes, but if
  4. You are amazing. Please celebrate. You deserve to celebrate this. It is worth celebrating.
  5. I am coming straight from drooling over the new imacs because they are so pretty to look at. Do I need one ? Not really. Do I want one ? You betcha though we have apple products coming out of our ears. Applying that idea here, I would say suggest the new imac. It is sufficiently expensive and educational. Then sell it. Anyone will pay at least a $1000 dollars for a lightly used Imac. Use the money for what your son wants. Am I being nefarious ? Yes. Should I be ? Without apology. Of course, you could also use the new Imac because it is so pretty.
  6. I decorate with sculpture, have lots of wood and metal, carvings of wood and stone in furniture, on the walls. Lots of saturated color, think reds, marigold yellows, turquoise, parrot green, peacock blue. Lots of embroidery, mirrors, sequins. Lots of artwork. So we have very, very beige and neutral walls and furniture. My design philosophy is using accessories to shine. I do not want the walls and furniture to be part of it, I want them to meld into the background. Even in the kitchen, my stars are usually the colors of my dishes and appliances. So think about your desig
  7. Congratulations. I think that anything educational we do when we are older should especially be celebrated because it takes a lot of effort, time, juggling various things to accomplish that. It is not cheesy at all. If no one will do it for you, nothing wrong in doing it yourself. You are modeling something very important for your children if you ask me. Celebrate. Bake a cake, buy something special, do something silly but do something to commemorate it. It is something worth celebrating.
  8. This is so true. I always thought and was taught prayer, true prayer is from the heart using our own words. The older I get and more I know what I like, I find myself reverting back to the old Anglican form of worship I was raised in. The smell of incense, beeswax candles, hymns, pipe organ, sound of church bells. Touching something, hearing something makes me participate more when I am not able to pray using my own words. I say the Lord's prayer, psalms, the creed and it seems enough for now though I feel a bit pharisee like. But it gives me comfort, these simple rituals I have grown up
  9. You ask the most thought provoking questions @Ordinary Shoes and honestly they are helping me with processing things. Prayer has always been a part of my life from a child. I grew up in a multi-religious society where we woke up to the azaan or adhan in Arabic (the Muslim call to prayer), puja bells ringing in Hindu neighbors houses. So many Christians including my family used to wake up with those sounds and started our day with prayer even before we started our day. Hindu homes have puja rooms (prayer room or closet where the family Gods are kept). They usually say a prayer there befor
  10. I am working on a lot of skills myself to catch up so I am learning along with my kids. Swimming. This was really important to me as I did not learn to swim as a child and it was so difficult to learn as an adult, more than the skill I had to conquer the fear. So this was infinitely important to me. Cooking. I think it is a really important skill to have for a healthy life. Fitness. DH and I have always modeled fitness as a lifestyle. Shopping for food and pantry. Travel. I really want them to see the world as much as possible, more so now. Language. I wanted the
  11. Went to a friend's iftar meal in the backyard with 5 of my closest friends, just us no spouses or kids. First time I have been by myself outside without DH and kids, we travelled in a pack since March 2020. When one needed to go out, the rest always accompanied because it was a reason to leave the house so going by myself was weird. Meeting my friends one on one was weird when we would do that so often before. Eating outside with people who did not live in my house was weird though this was a place I have gone for years by myself and with my family. All of us are vaccinated
  12. Kichidi Khichdi recipe (Dal khichdi recipe) - Swasthi's Recipes (indianhealthyrecipes.com) Chicken Kurma - Mild versions Chicken kurma recipe | How to make chicken kurma recipe (indianhealthyrecipes.com) Chicken korma recipe | How to make chicken korma - Swasthi's Recipes (indianhealthyrecipes.com) Mutton Fry Mutton roast recipe kerala style | Mutton peralan Mutton Jinoos Kitchen Use Kashmiri chilli powder. It is red in color but mild.
  13. This is so true. I think the older I get and especially last year, I have learned how little control I have over outcomes. I used to think the only thing I have control over is how much effort I put into things and I will always give my best, especially parenting. Truth is, I cannot give my best if I am not at my best. It is a constant learning curve and the more I know, the more humbling it is to find out how much is really out of my control.
  14. Do they like Indian food ? I usually make flat breads that can be easily frozen and give a variety of options as far as usage is concerned. One of my eternal favorite foods during pregnancy was something called Kichidi. It can be made in various ways, the version I like has rice, lentils and vegetables. Hearty, comforting, surprisingly light and nutritionally dense. I usually also make what is called a "dry fry" of goat or chicken. It can be included as a side dish or in wraps. Chicken soup. Chicken curry. Bread.
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