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  1. So, I'm looking through AAS and LoE (foundations). I'm specifically looking for a program that will teach the rules that go along with phonics and spelling, such as: use -es for plural when words end in , ch, sh, s, x, or z. c says /s/ when it's before e, i, or y When I looked at AAS, the lesson said that you add "es" to pluralize when you hear two syllables if you say the word. While it's not wrong, if you don't actually know that plural of a word you won't know if it has 2 syllables. So... did I miss something in AAS or is there another program that would be better? Wh
  2. Copywork, narration and read alouds- is there a specific program you thought would be most helpful?
  3. So- We will be homeschooling. I HS'ed my oldest for several years, but have not HS DS10 or DS7. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but now?! DS really really struggles with spelling, though he can read very well, he also struggles deeply with writing; as in, I don't know that he ever really learned how to construct a 5 sentence paragraph. So- DS10- needing a phonic approach to spelling, crash course in some writing fundamentals but then a curriculum geared toward strengthening weak writing. I was really leaning toward Write Shop but so many people said the prep was heavy and it'
  4. Thank you for posting this! FLL and WWE both seem so daunting but thorough, however if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how thorough it is. I'm SO glad to hear that MCT is lovely! I think I'm headed in this direction for next year!
  5. Can anyone compare MCT and the English/Language Arts curriculum put out by SWB (writing with ease, grammar for the well trained mind-or first language lessons)? I was aiming for an all in one approach for this fall, but am feeling like that is no longer a fit. I'm stuck on Language Arts now...
  6. I took a look at Layers of Learning, thank you all for that suggestion. We might go that route, I'm still working through the details for what English/Language Arts might look like.
  7. I'll be homeschooling this year again. It has been AGES since I've homeschooled and last time I did this I had 1 kid. ONE!!! No one to chase, no naptime to work around, just that kid to school. It was lovely. Now...I'm looking to HS both 1st and 5th grade. I was looking at Bookshark, and Build Your Library. I'd love something that's easy to implement for a variety of grades (there's a chance my nephew will join us depending on his school's Return to Learn Plan). I don't know that any of us are doing this with the intent that we will go back to "normal" school next year. We may k
  8. I have a fourth grader, and I'm looking for something like Sonlight (American History a plus, otherwise world history) but with a list/available for purchase readers, but non-religious, or easily adaptable to be non-religious. I have no problem with religious/Christian view being included if it is easily looked over or skipped, I would rather that not be the focus. Is SOTW my best bet or is there an American History option out there that I'm not thinking of?
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