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  1. Has anyone Braun JB7350 or round Oster that comes second here https://pickadvisor.org/best-blenders-with-glass-jars I like Broun design better, but it's more expensive and the reviews are controvercial I can't decide
  2. I agree with every word you wrote! Just doing homework is not even studying (just a part of it), it's just exercising in order not to forget sth or remember!
  3. True! But as for reading and writing, is it sensible to learn the kid read and write in all 3 languages? The thing is it's seen to be too much load on a child. She must be struggling learning so much, or at least often confused
  4. Reading helps to distract me from anxiety and stress
  5. What is your budget limit? I've purchased a new one and did a massive research before paying, so let me know some of your preferences and limits, I think I may be helpful as I still have some info saved
  6. See your point, but parents can only communicate with each other in English as they don't know the languages of each other.
  7. I know that bilinguals are a common case, but they still one dominant language. However, with 3 languages it's dubious that a child could be well in both non-dominant language
  8. My friends, who are a russian girl and a spanish guy living in the US, try to raise their daugter in 3 languages: russian, spain and english. Is it real to succeed in their goals? I'm really intrested to hear different opinions and reasoning
  9. Such a knowledgeable advice! I also use some modern apps, as kids loves to play some games in their phones, they enjoy some of the playfull language apps
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