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  1. My son with autism is extremely perceptive as well. I think that is one reason it took us a long time to get him diagnosed. There are so many facets to autism and it is upsetting when people try to lump everyone with this diagnosis into one category.
  2. *Suddenly realizing that the tiny room off the kitchen that held only a toilet in my last house was probably a pantry in a former life.*
  3. I'd assume the mother and the person who is actually in the situation is well aware of the options available to her and has put a lot of thought into going to work. "Just stay home and raise your own kids," isn't always the best option, even if finances allow for it. This situation may not be working out but maybe it's still better than her staying home all day with the kids. You are assuming they are doing fine financially based on her husband working 60 hours a week, but that is a very strong assumption. No matter how much you think you know someone outside your household, there is always more going on than you will or should know.
  4. I would go to urgent care in case it is infected.
  5. I understand that, but perhaps their perception is different? Maybe they think people follow the law.
  6. Perhaps his parents are assuming that unmasked individuals/strangers are vaccinated, as the guidelines say you can be unmasked if you are vaccinated. So they may be operating under the assumption that the strangers are vaccinated, and they KNOW that your DH is not vaccinated. This may not be a big double standard at all.
  7. I have been on a low-estrogen pill (Lo-Loestrin) for several years now because of this. I don't get a period, and I plan to stay on this until I'm past it all. I struggled previously with more traditional bcp as I always felt like I had PMS, but this has been a lifesaver. I also have generalized anxiety. I am on an antidepressant but about 2 months ago I started buspirone for anxiety as well. It is not a benzo, you take it daily. A lot of reviews say it doesn't do anything to help and it seems like that at first. It doesn't have an immediate effect. But I noticed about a month ago I wasn't reaching for the benzos as often. I was previously taking Ativan 1-2 times per week (as needed) and I haven't needed any lately. So that might be worth trying.
  8. I'm so sorry you were not believed. I don't know if my experience was typical but the school counselor did the absolute right thing and called the police when she heard about the abuse. And while I was in complete shock and had no clue what the next steps should have been, the social worker that came to the police station put a no-contact order on my ex immediately. My kids never saw their father again after he dropped them off at school that morning. The authorities came in believing my daughter from the start, and I hope that's a sign of progress in general.
  9. Too many people think this kind of thing makes their families immune (and I understand you no longer feel this way). Many abusers work really hard to look like pillars of their community, become involved in church leadership, and play the role of perfect family (men) specifically so that no one will ever question their motives or behavior.
  10. This is a hard one, but I think it would be worth mentioning. This actually just brought up a memory. A few years ago, a neighbor I never met came to my door with my child, who'd been riding her bike up and down the street with friends. It was a hilly street, and my daughter didn't look before crossing and nearly got hit by a car. The neighbor saw this and told me what happened. I was very grateful, and I went over bike safety again with all the kids. I knew the guy was only concerned and didn't want to see something tragic happen. So obviously it's not exactly the same situation but I can see some parallels. That girl might not have any idea how dangerous what she's doing can be, and I am sure her parents would want to protect her.
  11. Thank you. I never understood how a wife/mother wouldn't know either. It's really hard to fathom. I feel bad for a lot of things, but I don't beat myself up for not knowing because I just didn't.
  12. I would argue that it does change who they are. They transform into awful, bitter people who attack people with different beliefs out of nowhere.
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