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  1. Anybody who is interested in the more sciency bits might want to follow Trevor Bedford who is part of the team that just sequenced the WA genome: https://mobile.twitter.com/trvrb
  2. I too will be planting a big garden this year, for the first time in many years. I've already started my seed indoors and we've been eating some of the baby lettuce leaves that I started 3 weeks ago. Gotta plant more now!
  3. I've popped in here to check things out quite a few times over the years and thought I should introduce myself, say thank you to everyone for all the great info, and just say hi from the beautiful state of Montana!
  4. My DS and DD have taken both of these courses. We loved both. Lots of experiments and options. Both DS and DD learned how to write lab reports and had a blast in class. It was always the highlight of our week. My younger DD will take the new 4th grade science class next year. Older DS heard from Mrs. Selby (she teaches many science courses at TPS) that it is being taught by her daughter who is a Waldorf teacher.
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