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  1. As a child, I loved Blokus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blokus
  2. The original ND series is too much but the new Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series might be appropriate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nancy_Drew:_Girl_Detective
  3. I can't believe it is Monday already! To do list for this week: Teach lessons on the go Start another sewing project too Pray Read and research Deal with insurance Sort out childcare arrangements Take DS to a new physio today Have a good week everyone!
  4. To do list of today: Print off GCSE math papers (anyone know where I can find some online?) Church this evening with the family. Prepare for the week ahead Happy Sunday everyone!
  5. What about the Nancy Drew series? They are fun to read but are not what I'd consider proper literature.
  6. What do you want to do? Trust your gut feeling.
  7. Today's to do list: Join a sewing forum Attend a car show this evening Take a walk Pray Laugh Smile Happy Saturday everyone!
  8. A child seems to have caught CV now. My local supermarket seemed to be full yesterday when I went in. What do you think will happen?
  9. It looks like we can finally go back to our flat next week sometime! Yay hotel living is not for me. As nice as it is to be occasionally pampered, I strongly prefer some freedom and independence. Anyone else feel the same way? To do list this weekend Finish off my sewing project I started yesterday. Pray Read Listen to a Spotify podcast Buy food for the family too Sleep Shower Church Have a good weekend everyone!
  10. We are not having any lessons until Monday now! This weekend we will do some gardening and sewing too. Tomorrow I am having a haircut as I need one badly.
  11. What does he want to do? Ask him to help you decide. Point out you cannot please everyone no matter what but politeness is still important however. Also talk with your partner too.
  12. I recommend making a list of questions to ask. When exactly is the appointment, like what day in July? Depending on the reason for the referral, the doctor may order tests. This is a simplified guide to what would happen at a first appointment- https://www.gosh.nhs.uk/wards-and-departments/departments/clinical-specialties/clinical-genetics-information-parents-and-visitors/about-your-clinical-genetics-appointment
  13. This is a good website https://www.homeschoolmath.net/ What about the BBC skillwise website? There are some math games on there https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/skillswise
  14. I'm in my early 20s and I cannot stand tea at all. I prefer water or the occasional cup of wine at weekends seriously!
  15. Good luck! You sure have your hands full.
  16. Regarding math, have you done a placement test or not? This is a good starting point for teaching math https://www.homeschoolmath.net/ Another thing that helps me is color coding our schedule. I use blue for LA, red for math, yellow for humanities, green for music, orange for art, and purple for other. If you can, buy some folders and ring binders as you will probably need them. Every year, I print off a copy of our schedule, and hang it up on the wall. You can buy some highlighters and use them to color code your schedule. Use coins to teach money management skills.
  17. To do list for the next few days: Pray Do paperwork for baby Finish off my book Buy another camera
  18. Since my last update, I've learned people in Surrey may or may not have CV (coronavirus) now. That makes me panic since I live in Surrey.
  19. Today Pray Eat Nap Get some respite, DH is staying at the hospital tonight instead. Research Watch a movie time permitting Happy Wednesday everyone!
  20. Today Pray Exercise Prepare for summer Take care of baby Look after myself too Finish goal setting Happy Tuesday!
  21. On my agenda this week Exercise Pray Prepare for summer
  22. I use a color coded system. Blue for LA, red for math and so on. Oh and buy a folder, it will be so much easier that way. What about ring binders?
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