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  1. If it would make others feel better, by all means call her a Kindergartner. ;) To tell me I'm pushy, is just taking it a bit too far. I am not pushing my child, she wants to learn more. I ask that you respect my decision with my daughter and let this be a supportive place.
  2. I should have re-read the intro to the FLL before posting the question. I went and re-read it and saw it stressed "exposure" NOT mastery is what we are to concentrate on. That is what I was looking for and then I browsed ahead in future lessons and saw the definition of a noun goes all the way up to the 30th lesson or so, so there is no need that she was supposed to grasp it the first day. What I read from the author of this forum, is that she says and I quote "when we teach to the average, we train our children to be ...average! Instead, we can grow children who exceed the average by exposing them to above-average content." I follow this same path and my daughter loves school. She is not having trouble in any other subject and I only wanted to know about Grammar and Jessie Wise answered that in the Introduction. Thank you for the replies and the welcome.
  3. I've done a few years already of homeschooling (preschool & K) before I found "The Well Trained Mind" this Summer. I was originally going to send her to public school for K but found out she was too advanced and they do not move up grades here. She is advanced at Math and we are finding Saxon 1 too easy and may jump a few lessons. With reading, all we concentrated on (per the curriculum we had for K) was knowing the letters, the sounds and writing. She is advanced in writing. Since reading is introduced in 1st grade here, I didn't teach it until the past few months. With the WTM, I see that it should start in K, so we went ahead and started the OPG. However, she does get upset and says Mommy, I already know that! Going through the first 26 lessons are easy but review for her and not challenging. She read a BOB book on her own so we bought more of those. So considering I've already done K, I consider her 1st grade, so I started the WTM suggestions for 1st grade with the Grammar being one of them. Maybe that helps explain things a bit more about where she is at. I don't want to skip the Grammar and I don't want to be a year behind when in other subjects we move on to 2nd grade next year. Thank you for the replies! :D
  4. I was wondering the same thing, thanks for the info! ;)
  5. Hello, I'm new to this forum. My daughter is 5 (will be 6 next month) and we started her in 1st grade this year. She is more on the Kindergarten side of reading - she knows her letters, sounds but isn't reading yet (except 1 BOB book). I'm doing the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading and that is going well. We are also doing First Language Lessons Level 1 (First Grade) for Grammar. I'm wondering - is she supposed to "grasp" the material? I read over and over again in lesson 1 what a noun is and explained in detail. However, she still doesn't 'get it'. :001_unsure: She was really perplexed and after about 10 minutes, I gave up and went on to writing. She knows what a person, place, thing or idea is but she doesn't understand the name of them is a noun. She kept giving that 'huh?' look. :confused: Being our first day, I'm not sure if she is supposed to understand what a noun is, tell me what it is and so forth. Is she just 'absorbing' the material? Any help or advice is appreciated!
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