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  1. Great advice. I talked with her teacher on Friday after class to let her know this is in the works. I plan on writing a card and giving her a gift. She is a wonderful teacher and worked wonders with my older daughter. I think she was surprised at our decision but very supportive. This is great. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of starting with Understood Betsy with her, just because I think has similar struggles of believing she can do things herself. I'll check out the ADAM test, as well, because otherwise I have no idea of seeing where to place her. Appreciate the insight!
  2. That is so interesting. I will give it a try and see how she responds. Thank you! Yeah, I do think starting easy is great advice. We love the Great British Baking Show but no one is making a medieval pigeon pie around here anytime soon, lol. And I do think I need to continually work on my language that empowers her to make mistakes in the kitchen. I'm not controlling in hardly any areas of my life but I can be a controlling beast in the kitchen. I am skilled at pointing out my own mistakes - I just get controlling about the mess. I probably need to do some headspace meditations before
  3. Thank you. You know, we actually have some of the logic puzzle workbooks from CTP lying around when the girls were into logic puzzles for a while. I will pull them back out. Those Balance math challenges are fun and a definite challenge! Both MUS and Beast academy sound good. I like the idea of the cartoons because it would be so different than her current math experience (black and white worksheets only, no manipulatives). I will check them out. Thanks so much for the details!
  4. I will check with our doctor. I'm guessing the way to rule it out is to see if she has strep? So ask for a strep culture? I do remember at an appointment last year when she tested positive for strep the doctor was completely caught off guard. He thought for sure she didn't have it but ran a culture just in case. Makes me wonder. Thanks so much for taking the time to bring this to my attention. Not even on my radar.
  5. You know, I actually think there is a course at the co-op that uses this curriculum. Sounds awesome. Thanks for the resource and I will check it out. I do think I need help in finding the right language to help her and not exacerbate her perfectionism. I appreciate the encouragement! I do feel more hopeful than I have in months.
  6. We love Splendor, Century Spice Road and Azul. They are shorter games - 30-45 minutes - which is nice.
  7. Hey there - is there a way I can get a message to you? It looks like your setting doesn't allow you to receive messages. 


  8. We are probably pulling her out next week so she can enroll in our district's parent partnership program. She is excited and my husband is on board. It's a really great program. I will look into some of this - thank you. We have a great naturopath that my husband goes to that I'm sure could help. I just picked up Story of the World audio from the library! She's interested in learning history and this seemed like a great way to ease into things. And we used to do poetry teatime back when I homeschooled my oldest (six years ago) and they still talk about it. Those are grea
  9. I LOVE this idea. I know she will be resistant - she will interpret this as something being "wrong" with her. We are having breakfast together today to talk through all of this and I'm going to include this in my ideas for the months ahead. I've already been checking out some books about mindfulness for kids. And she's very interested in cooking but often reluctant because she can't do it "right." That's been in my mind to do a lot of together but I love linking it with shopping and nutrition. Thanks so much for the suggestion and taking the time to respond. : )
  10. I have heard of PANS/PANDAS but it's been a while. That sounds like such a hard journey for your family. I will look into the links you gave - if I'm remembering correctly, strep can bring it on, right? She's struggled with strep repeatedly. Thanks for taking the time to respond and bringing this to my attention. Like I mentioned to Peter Pan, biomed hasn't been on my radar at all. Thank you.
  11. Yes, if I'm being perfectly honest my dd does come by some of her anxiety by me. We manifest our anxiety differently but I do relate. Thanks for your feedback. : )
  12. I'm going to PM you on some of this. THANK YOU for your reply. My grandmother and mother both have an MTHFR defect so it wouldn't be difficult to surmise that dd is dealing with the same. We tried to get my girls tested a couple years ago and it was just too pricey. Does the genetic route you're suggesting identify MTHFR? I'm familiar with social thinking but not that article. Thank you. I love their stuff. It's a parent partnership program through our district. I was really impressed with the principal and my dd is excited about the possibility. It does move up our tim
  13. Thank you! This is great. She's a quick learner and I think this could be a good place to start.
  14. I talked to our school's guidance counselor yesterday. She said the best they could do would be a 504 for accommodations if it's not impacting the classroom. And even if she qualified for an IEP, my dd would be pulled out of the classroom for services which we both agreed would be hard for her. To be perfectly honest, I don't have it in me to fight. Our school has a very caring and dedicated staff who just experienced staff cuts throughout the district. I volunteer with struggling readers at our school and there are a lot of hard stories of homelessness and food security on top of learning cha
  15. It doesn't interfere with tests. It has only interfered as we've moved on to project learning. I will see what our options are - thank you for clarifying! I appreciate it.
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