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  1. If you're brave, making slime!
  2. One resource room teacher for a k-4 building with apx 450 kids. All her kids have IEP's and she is overloaded. This does no include other supports, just the resource room teacher.
  3. So, I know it's really not that simple, but you need to find a new doctor. Ask around!! This one is not meeting your needs. You are asking for help, been told there is an issue, know there can be somethings to try, and being turn away. No bueno! I have PCOS. Diagnosed by my primary after kids in my mid 30's and supported by both her and my OB. It's out there.
  4. If that turns them off, then they are probably a little to formal for you anyways! Good luck, I really think it's just to soon to have heard back as well.
  5. You both are wanting to put your pets well being first, and that unfortunately contradicts each other. Your house, your pets trump his. It is what it is. Not unreasonable and especially not any more unreasonable then his request.
  6. My guess is the money never got applied as well. Out of curiosity, Id lay another one out and around to see what happens this time.
  7. 2/45 What The Wind Knows - time travel story to 1921 Ireland. I give it 3.5 stars. It was a little to history heavy for me, but if you enjoy that aspect you'd probably rate it higher. I enjoyed the characters and story line. 3/45 The Gifted School - "Smart and juicy, a compulsively readable novel about a previously happy group of friends and parents that is nearly destroyed by their own competitiveness when an exclusive school for gifted children opens in the community". Another 3 star book, I wanted it to be better then it was. I couldn't find the friendships believable. 4/45 One for the Money (#1 in Stephanie Plum series) - Read this because I was curious with how many are in the series. Surely these books must be amazing. Eeeh. Wasn't a hard read, but definitely not my type of book. A little to fluffy. I also felt like there was some racial stereotypes written several times! I guess I still don't really get the popularity. 2.75 stars.
  8. Call and have an actual conversation about it. It could go either way, but it will give you more closure and is more effort then a text. You can hear tone, something a text doesn't provide. It leaves less room for misinterpretation.
  9. I'm new to this. I'm not going to do any challenges except #read, which for me is 45. I lean towards current fiction, suspense and do a lot of looking for highly recommended books (past and current). I cannot stand just an okay book or fluff. I don't always get to read what I like since I won't buy a book and my choices for ebooks from the library feel limited at times. I am always adding myself to a wait list. 1/45 Wolf by Mo Hayder Rating 4/5 Fairly disturbing, suspenseful, did not catch on right away to the "twist". I'd recommend. Wolf Wolf kicks off when a vagrant—the Walking Man, an enigmatic, recurring character in Hayder’s fiction—finds a dog wandering alone with a scrap of paper with the words “HELP US” attached to its collar. He’s sure it’s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Det. Inspector Jack Caffery to investigate. Caffery is reluctant to get involved—until the Walking Man promises to exchange new information regarding the childhood disappearance of Caffery’s brother. Caffery has no idea who or what he is searching for, but one thing he is sure of: it’s a race against time. Meanwhile, the Anchor-Ferrers, a wealthy local family, are fighting for their lives, held hostage in their remote home ten miles away. As their ordeal becomes increasingly bizarre and humiliating, the family begins to wonder: Is this really a random crime?
  10. DS13 got Uno Flip. I recommend. Does it matter what version of Onitama?
  11. Harry Potter I could at least finish, but definitely didn't and still don't get the hype! I can remember being in my teens/early 20's and reading Catcher in the Rye multiple times to try and "get". I so wanted it to be life changing. It was not, and I couldn't even understand why it was to others. I really wanted too. I finally gave up once again on Boy's Life. 😕
  12. I am attempting to read Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon for the 2nd time, and just cannot get into it. This is a book I see recommended all the time! An all time favorite by many. It brought to mind a few others I have started and stopped repeatedly that most others seem to love. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn To Kill A Mockingbird anything by Stephen King Anyone have a book(s) that is also the case for you?
  13. My husband is like this. He hates cruises, but sometimes it's the most affordable way to see what we want to see. Doesn't gamble, hates singing and musicals. A cruise with a lot of ports really helps. It's the sea days he doesn't like. The biggest thing is to go in with a positive attitude and be ready to roll with the punches, because you lose a lot of control on cruises. We played a lot of trivia which was surprisingly fun. The shows that are like the newlywed game are great. Our ship had a thrill theater. It also had an IMAX. We lounged and read so much. Games, cards, etc...Outside, inside, research hidden spots on your ship. Ate a ton, of course. Movies on the deck at night time. The parties and cruise director events are super fun to watch. It's really about going in with the mindset of not looking at it as boredom but forced relaxation, lol. Drinking helps.
  14. I'd rather go with all my kids and face big crowds then leave one home sick and missing out. If he wasn't better tomorrow, then I wouldn't go but plan for next time. They'll be a next time.
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