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  1. I would play a little dumb. Hi, great to hear from you! I've been wondering how you are and what was going on with ___ since I hand't heard anything when I emailed about make up times in March and getting the shirt to you, or when sign up was in June Are you getting my emails? I will venture there is no response or at least you will have more details on why you didn't hear anything and that can help you move forward.
  2. Are other countries not able to try it? Are they not studying this? If this is all political here...we surely cannot be the only country with a team of doctors and scientist and wouldn't they/aren't they then showing results? The results we are supposedly hiding or saying are false. I admit I am not very educated on this topic and am truly trying to understand.
  3. I have taken it for years for my PCOS. I am another who it made nauseous and gave me diarrhea. Without fail. I could never get over the GI issues either, so I take it at night and it's been fine.
  4. I would think about not only if you can do the job, but whether you can adhere to a rigid schedule of working day in and out, several days in a row, not being able to rest when you have a flare if it's a work day, etc... Furthermore, how long of a shift you can handle? I think committing to volunteering a few days a week is a great idea and sample run for you. Good luck with your decision!
  5. XC practices have resumed where I live, with precautions. I am trusting our governors lead.
  6. I would be pretty upset with myself at the thought of denying a person an opportunity based on their looks and/or gender or because I'm worried about what people think.
  7. Kirk Cameron, who I am not a fan of now at all. Also, Corey Haim.
  8. You can simply say, she's lovely and move on. There was no need for clarification. You should be capable to control that angle of the conversation. I call BS. You either knew you were poking and this was the likely result or you are really really bad at foresight. Either way, not your news to share given the entire story and could have easily been side stepped.
  9. If I was feeling sensitive, it would bother me. I don't like to cook but get stuck with the majority of it. DH will make suggestions with absolutely no ill will, but it still bugs me. I don't want suggestions. I don't even want to have to be cooking. I'll usually just stop making that dish and let him do it when it's his night.
  10. We've done family feud with another family, it was fun! Obviously, one person has to look up all the questions and be the announcer.
  11. They almost always have a 2 week one, I believe.
  12. Beachbody on demand has been a big hit here. (and I HATE mtm's). 3 of us, includin 2 teen boys, use the videos and all have our own favorites. It's been worth the subscription.
  13. Thank you! I wish I could change my username.
  14. What a horrible situation. I am sorry. I cannot imagine being in that position and don't want too. My fear, aside from the ones already mentioned, is him getting sick and being far away. It's a real possibility. Even if he stays healthy, I would think about how long he will need to be gone and that that could be 1-2 months for a multitude of reasons, and then what he could bring back. I would be worried about anyone getting sick where you are and him being away. Perhaps it's all worth it. Just what would be going through my mind.
  15. The difference is she is a female Democrat governor who has criticized President Trump and is on his endless hit list for speaking against him. She's now a target and most be devoured and destroyed.
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