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  1. Just wanted to say: WELCOME BACK! :)

  2. I totally do! We had to pull my bedroom wood floor up due to finding a severe mold problem. :(


    I am at homeschool co op right now but will message u by late tonight. I will take any additional books you have found. Just let me know new total! :)


    Thanks so much for ur patience!

  3. Just checking in on you as I have not seen you around for a while. :) Praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing so many resources with all of us!


    God bless!


  4. I am really sorry how your thread went. I am off to bed. Feel free to email me if you want to chat. HUG angelbee369 @ hotmail .com

  5. Sorry. I am lame and slow! :D

  6. Hey! You never came back with your TOG binder info. :toetap05: I'm flailing here. F. L.A.I.L.I.N.G. :lol:

  7. My box is full. Sorry! Please email me at angelbee369 @ hotmail.com

  8. Cleaned out pm's :D

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. :grouphug:

  10. I know!!! Yeesh. Some people. :001_rolleyes:


    And that precious newborn smell. ::Swoon::

  11. Grayson is sooooo cute! How could you NOT want to nibble those toes??? :D

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