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  1. She was mostly just curious about why he needed a private exam and she didn't. The only other question she had was what do "foreskin" and "uncircumcised" mean. Thankfully, she waited until her and I were alone to ask me that one 😂.
  2. She just told him he needed to make sure he was keeping it pulled back when he went pee, and that he was pulling it back and rinsing every day, because he if he doesn't it'll start to get cheesy and smell bad.
  3. That's pretty close to what she did. She didn't just do it with no warning.
  4. It's legit! Sorry, I've been here for a while, my account is just new.
  5. I think urologists are just for when there's problems. I think their general doctor just covers it at annual exams. What does she do to examine them?
  6. Are they circumcised? And I think violated is way too strong a word. He was definitely embarrassed but she did ask permission and he did say yes.
  7. I wouldn't say he didn't mind, but she asked me to stay since office policy is to have for under-16's so he didn't really have a choice. What did the checks consist of?
  8. Long time lurker here finally asking a question! So I took DS12 and DD14 to the doctor today for their first yearly check-up in quite a few years and the new nurse practitioner we went to was a bit more thorough than I was expecting her to be, at least for DS. DD stayed fully clothed the entire time but at the end of DS' exam she put on gloves and asked DD to step outside for a moment. She then asked DS to pull his pants and underwear down and then she felt each testicle, had him "turn and cough," and then she pulled his foreskin back. Finally, she had a brief conversation with
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