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  1. I am switching over to EIW this semester and am trying to decide if I should go up a level and take 1.5 years to get through it, or just buy grade level and move on to the next level when we finish. My boys are in grade 4 and 7. They have not had alot of solid writing instruction yet and need some hand holding.
  2. I am doing SOTW with a 4th and 7th grader and I have been making them write out the answers for the discussions questions in the AG. I bought the download from WTM. I am wondering if this is absolutely necessary or what the point of having them do this is? Would it be ok to just discuss these questions with them?? How do YOU do SOTW?
  3. I am thinking of returning our complete Core E with Science E and G. The kids do not like it at all and prefer story of the world. They also prefer more variety than JUST historical fiction for read aloud and reading. It is not working out at all. I do qualify for the love to learn guarantee, but just wondering if anyone has had any issues with returning.
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