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  1. we've tried contacting the teacher multiple times and they've never responded. My daughter also doesn't really know where to begin. She's translated them as best she can into english, then rewrites the sentence from active voice (english) to passive voice (english). She just doesn't know how to convert Latin active voice to Latin passive voice. It's always been a struggle for her. I'd like to help, but I don't know how since I don't know latin and since i don't have the answers.
  2. My daughter needs to translate the following phrases and then turn them from the active voice to the passive voice in English and Latin. The homework is from a recorded class, so I don't have the answer sheet. Please help! Translate: Senes id genus ludi non dilexerant Active translation Latin transformation: Passive translation Translate: Multi viri fortes haec Maria navigaverunt Active translation: Latin transformation: Passive translation: Translate: Auctor bonus multos libros legerit Active translation: Latin transformation: Passive translation:
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