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  1. Hey Aiden, I hope to don't mind me dragging up ancient history, but I came across your thread asking about amazingbibletimeline or alternate resources, and I was wondering what you ended up using?

    I've been trying to stitch together the bible with history and science, but never found a good way to present my findings. I was wondering whether amazingbibletimeline has done all the work for me, but they don't show enough online, and I can't find anyone who has tried it.

    1. Aiden


      I’m sorry, but I never tried it either. We ended up only homeschooling for a few years before we put our daughter in school. It was too isolating to homeschool her in our location—a country in which homeschooling was mostly illegal, other activities were not offered in English, and the neighbor kids were always at school or school social events. 

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