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  1. I always consider IKEA for such stuff. That's where I got some good camping necessities as well.
  2. Hello there, welcome to the community.
  3. Coconut milk may be a good choice but you don't want that calorie and fat content. Almond milk has fewer calories, it's good as long as you prefer nutty over creamy taste.
  4. You can allot at least an hour to make it in the morning. I think leaving it overnight would result into having lumps of the powder if not stirred properly.
  5. I'm having hard time sleeping lately when I changed my exercise schedule to evening.
  6. I'm impressed that you manage to maintain a laptop in working condition for 10 years.
  7. I agree with most of the suggestions here that giving her something new to experience would be the best choice that you could give. Who knows, she might discover something new that she will really like. A budding talent might be on her way when you signed her up to some class or whatnot.
  8. I would really like to hug a lion for real.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm a new to this forum and would like to know how to help my child enhance her language acquisition. We're an Asian-American family and I don't want my child to experience language barrier between her cousins in Taiwan. I think exposing her to the language won't suffice that is why I'm looking for other ways for her to learn.
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