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  1. Paradox5, I was not trying to have her do more as much as I was afraid she was missing out on something she should do at her age simply because we are not on SOTW 4, which we would be on according to the normal schedule. I totally forgot that outlining is a logic stage task... I guess I should not worry about it yet. hollyhock2, thanks for the reminder. perkybunch, I will check out the books. Thanks. It may be a good idea to use those first or along with outlining history and/or science.
  2. DD is starting 4th grade and we are using SOTW 2 (I only discovered WTM a year ago...). I just found out that the SOTW 4 activity book has outlining exercises. I am wondering how to implement this with SOTW 2 (I have the activity book) without having to create the exercises myself. I am starting part-time, then full-time work soon and I am trying to reduce my workload, not increase it. Is there anything out there I can buy that has something pre-made? Otherwise I will start outlining in Grade 5 with WWS and implement it across the curriculum at that time. Thanks
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