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  1. After a busy week, we finally had time to sit down last night and do the Barton screening - he passed! The RISE test looks like it would be far too difficult for him. We talked about and played around with some reading last night, and he was able to read 23/92 of the Pre-K/Kindergarten Dolch sight words. I noticed, though, that he has an excellent short term memory - when we went through the lists, he wanted me to tell him the words he didn't know. When we finished, he went back and read the words again with only a few errors (swapping 'what' and 'white', etc). We tried the PAST, an
  2. Please don't quote this - A piece I really wasn't sure about posting is that he has a severe trauma history and wasn’t removed permanently from that environment until he was 11. He attended at least five different elementary schools, missed months of school at a time, and had emotional/ behavioral issues, to put things very mildly. When he moved in with a relative, it took at least a year for those issues to settle down. So, he started Sonday in 6th grade, but there is definitely a question around how engaged he was during 6th and even 7th grade. He did have delays outside of academics, but ha
  3. Okay, wow! This is so helpful. So, he saw an audiologist through the school system in 2017, but I'm not sure exactly what they tested. I know he was referred by the school psychologist who diagnosed the SLDs and that no new diagnoses were added after the audiology appointment. APD is something I've been wondering about and I don't have any evidence that he's actually been tested for it, so that seems like something we need to cover right away. The psych report from 2017 does include CTOPP scores (low, I'll have to check for exact scores), but no other language scores besides a few subtes
  4. No, but that is something we can do. He knows letter names, no problem. He knows most letter sounds, but they don't seem automatic. He doesn't know a few consonants (q, x, y) and seems very confused about vowel sounds. Digit span was his lowest score when he was tested, but I'm not sure how many digits he can actually remember. I'm sure there's an online digit span test somewhere, so I'll try him out.
  5. TL;DR - What program would you use to teach a 15-year-old to read? His diagnoses are ADHD and SLDs in reading, writing, and math. My husband and I recently became guardians of a young relative who turned 15 last month. We’ve had a close relationship with him for the last three years and know that he’s a bright and capable young man, yet he can read fewer than 20 sight words (yes, no, the, etc.) and can’t decode at all. He was diagnosed with ADHD and SLDs in reading, writing, and math in 6th grade and received intervention throughout middle school. They used the Sonday System at school an
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