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  1. Hello everybody! I am amazed at the responses to this thread and am so glad that I wrote. I am grateful for the correction about my judgmental comments, as I can see that they are dismissive, as HomeAgain captured, as well as ignorant. In thinking over this issue throughout the last few days I realize I am coming from a place of fear and from there resentment has crept in too. Fear and resentment of the unknown with new situations and new people. I seem to deal with big waves of this every once in a while as we move into new phases of our children's development. Medicmom wisely que
  2. Hello all, I am new here but joined because I have an issue floating around in my mind that I would love to see from different angles. My husband and I have two kids, a seven year-old son and a four year-old daughter. We are homeschooling both and loving it. We recently moved out of state to fulfill our dream of owning a house and just completed the purchase a few months ago. We are now in an older housing track with lots of trees and children. Before we moved here, we lived in apartment complexes with few children around so we got resourceful about finding home-school meet-ups and classe
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