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  1. Thank you so much for all your detailed responses! I didn't see any notifications so I assumed my post was ignored until just now. To address some of your questions: On math: I had to throw together some sort of curriculum in a very short time frame due to the sudden nature of this school change. I chose Teaching Textbooks mostly because I did not feel comfortable teaching math myself, but I am absolutely taking into account the feedback that I should be actively participating in their math education. I decided not do a placement test for DD13– One of many agonizing decisions I h
  2. Background: I recently pulled my 8th grader and 6th grader of their public middle school in the middle of the school year. My 8th grader is 2e and the school said she would have to choose between being in her gifted classroom or receiving support for her dyscalculia. That was the final straw after years of fighting for services. Anyway, the curriculum is on its way but I’m panicking. I don’t have any special education in gifted children or dyscalculia. I ordered Teaching Textbooks. Does anyone have experience with that curriculum and kids with dyscalculia? Does anyone have any other
  3. Hello, I have been a mom for 22 years mom, but I am brand spanking new to homeschooling. I recently pulled my 13 yo and 11yo out of school (while my 17yo DS finishes his senior year in public and my 17 DD starts college). I am looking for wisdom!
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