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  1. My only subscription is to National Review, although I also do lots of nosing around on Politico and the Atlantic.
  2. I'm sure this is obvious to all, but I'm going to add it in anyway: make sure he doesn't feel like a baby for bed-wetting. It's not something he has any control over. I remember vividly the mortification I felt when a member of my immediate family "outed" me to a cousin. These are things that can leave scars for a long time so please, please, please make sure he understands that there is nothing wrong with him - it's totally normal and there are so many people going through what he is who just grew out of it.
  3. That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! It really is an amazing tool.
  4. Several relatives of mine are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Since this slump will continue long after the official restrictions are lifted I can't imagine them getting out of this, short of a miracle.
  5. Let me know if you can pull that off! It would be good to know.
  6. National Review must have published at least half a dozen articles slamming this article. One chilling passage that I read the other day: "Elizabeth Bartholet is one of more than ten speakers scheduled to address Harvard Law School’s "Homeschooling Summit” in June. The event was organized by William & Mary law professor James Dwyer, who has said that the “reason parent-child relationships exist is because the State confers legal parenthood” on parents. In other words, to Dwyer, the state is endowed with a near-absolute authority to nullify the parent-child relationship, an author
  7. I personally love learning languages - in addition to English, I'm fluent in Hebrew and Aramaic, competent in Latin, Spanish, and German, and can painfully muddle my way through a French text. I would say Latin is valuable primarily because it serves as a great gateway to the Romance languages - and I don't think anyone denies the usefulness of Spanish or French.
  8. This DS didn't grow out of it until he was nine. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to go, but I never had a hard time going back to sleep. If your son does then this might not work. Otherwise, wake him up at midnight, bring him to the washroom, and let him go back to sleep. He won't even remember it in the morning.
  9. This may be overkill, but Monday.com is a tool I use a lot for all sorts of things, including my work. I'd recommend you check it out - you can really customize your schedules, you can sort tasks by priority, you can track progress... it's a really good tool. But like I said, it may be overkill. I use it for business too so I pay for a full subscription, but you should definitely be able to get away with the basic subscription.
  10. Hello all! My name is Abraham, and I live in Monmouth County, NJ, with my wife, son (22 months), and daughter (9 months). My wife and I have been talking about homeschooling since our son was born, and we've recently made the final decision to try it out. It's something I've been dreaming about for years (I'm largely self-educated myself) and I'm delighted that my wife is on the same page as me now. We are Orthodox Jews, so our curriculum needs will likely be far more extensive than most here (i.e. the kids need to learn Hebrew, Torah, prayers, etc from an early age), but even so I l
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