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  1. I’ve been to both in the last year...Disney land is more laid back for sure, some of that comes with the ease of parking, getting in and out of the parks, hopping between parks...most of it comes from the fact that you don’t have to plan months in advance like you do at DW. If I were trying to make things as relaxed as possible I would get the max pass, we did it this last trip and found it worth the price. It saves a lot of running around at least. I do think most of the “laid back” vibe at DL was more evident to me than to my kids since I’m the one who does all the planning every time we go
  2. We have the same setup- shared family iPhone that the kids can use, and we got my daughter an Apple Watch with cellular. It’s like $10 a month for the watch plan, it syncs to the phone but since it is the cellular version it does it need the phone in order to send/receive calls and texts. It works great for us. The only thing I don’t know is if you can use the same phone with two watches...it works for us because we only have one kid who needs it...
  3. You can only have one lap child (under two without their own seat) per row because there are only 4 oxygen masks in a row. But If you buy them seats you can fly with multiple kids under two. I have a friend who just flew home (cross country) with 3 under two (one is almost two, twin babies)- she had one lap baby and then bought three seats and the 4 of them sat in one row together. Another friend of mine does a 12 hour flight alone with her 6 (under 10) every summer. I once booked a last minute cross country flight for my 3 kids and I, and when I went to select seats there weren’t any together
  4. Comparing a chrome book to a laptop is like comparing a bicycle and a car. If you live in a city, and only ever travel within a 1 mile radius a bicycle might get you where you’re going easier than a car. The person on the bike is like “oh, you really should be using a bike! It’s awesome- so much cheaper than a car. I don’t have to deal with parking or gas, or traffic. It’s so much better than a car!” And they’re right- within their one mile. But the first time the person with the bicycle needs to leave their block, they’re going to realize that - oh, crud. There is actually no comparison to a
  5. The job market works on supply and demand, right now supply is low (unemployment is very low right now) so demand can go up (workers can afford to be super particular). I’ve run a number of businesses and the the truth is that the job market sets the pay scale. Small businesses are higher risk for employees and usually insurance and financial benefits (stock, retirement plans, etc). are not as robust as a larger company and you also loose benefits like FMLA leave that larger employers are required to offer. If it’s been months and they can’t hire anyone then the problem is most likely th
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