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  1. Awesome Math also has classes to prepare for the Chemistry Olympiad. We have not tried the classes. https://www.awesomemath.org/stem-academy/online-courses/
  2. We sign up through the local math circle. There are math circles, universities and learning centers( like AoPS Academy and Russian Math School, etc.) that administer the exams. You can search for the location near you on the AMC site. https://amc-reg.maa.org/amc_external/SchoolSearchByZipCode.aspx
  3. In my dds high school kids in the gifted program got the opportunity to take AP in 9th, others had to wait until 10th. The English classes also had a different curriculum. The students in the “regular” classes were tracked into so the didn’t have prerequisites for AP or advanced, unless the took a summer school to bridge into advance classes.
  4. Majority of families prep their kids for gifted entrance exams in our area because kids in gifted programs get access to the best teachers in the school. They also get access to in school enrichment opportunities, like musical theatre, math contest, and stem programs in elementary and middle school. Then in high school kids get opportunities to enroll in advance, honors, AP and dual enrollment.
  5. I think there is difference between kids who are accredited and kids who are gifted. A child can be accelerated by being diligent and working hard. Giftedness is wired in and not taught. My girls worked hard and were accelerated, we didn’t consider them gifted. They were several grades ahead in math and reading, but this was due to hard work. They know that they are are smart because of their hard work. My ds13 on the other hand, I would consider gifted. He puts in no effort and is a sponge. He just absorbs information and masters it with no practice. He started taking college classes at 11. He is volunteering in a computer engineering lab at the local university and the professor he works with will tells me that ds is working at a higher level than his other undergraduate research assistants. Ds knows that he is gifted.
  6. My ds 13 will sleep about 10-12 hours. I have noticed when he hits a growth spurt he will sleep 12 hours, easy. He is a night owl like his dad. He will go to be around 11 and wake around 9am
  7. He needs to get to green for an A in the class. https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/handbook/current/documentation
  8. He can take in person classes math at UCSD, they offer concurrent enrollment for middle and high school students through Extension. It’s more rigorous than CC.
  9. Mix honey and lemon with hot water or tea.
  10. We found this to be the case with kids in our area as well.
  11. Invisalign was 7000 and regular braces 5000
  12. The in person cost about 300 more per year than the virtual academy. My ds normally attends the in person at the academy, but he did virtual last year. He has also taken the text base classes as well. He prefers the in person classes. I would say the in person classes are definitely worth the cost. Ds has taken both math and ELA classes at the academy.
  13. I am hoping for boosters soon. Come on CDC.
  14. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1418669725404602370?s=21
  15. The breakdown of Israeli covid numbers are really troubling.
  16. My ds used Volume 1 for Mathcounts, AMC 8, and AMC 10(problems 1-20) He is using Volume 2 for AMC 10 for problems 20-25 level, AMC 12 and AIME. Volume one is used for AoPS middle school math contest and Volume 2 is used for High school math contest class at their Academy.
  17. My ds has not taken Level 4, he is taking it in the Fall. From what I heard talking to other parents, the class helps kids learn the different types of proofs and how to construct a rigorous proof. One of the IMO team members is from our math circle and his mom highly recommended this class. She said it gave him the scaffolding he needed to make the transition from AIME to USAJMO and USAMO problems. She also said it’s a lot of work, her son spent 2 hours a day on the class. I’ll report back after my ds takes the class.
  18. Many of the kids we know from Math Circle will take Awesome Math Problem Solving 4 as a bridge between AOPS classes and Woot. The class helps transition kids to more proof base solutions. We have been very happy with Awesome Math classes, they are very high quality.
  19. My dd used her TI-84 through college and is using in grad school. She was a CS major.
  20. Only 25% of 12-15 year olds are vaxed according to CDC.
  21. I live in San Diego, CA we just moved to the suburbs. We love it here, lots of things to do. We are in driving distance to the beach, mountains, and desert. The weather is great all year. Lots of homeschoolers in the area. Also great private and public schools. We have some of the best public schools in the country in our area. Only downside is the cost of living.
  22. My Pillow, dh went through many many different pillows and my pillow is the only one that works for him. He is a side sleeper. You can get My Pillow on Amazon, it’s faster shipping than it you order from the company. http://MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow [Std/Queen, White Medium Fill] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WHBVBW3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_ZAZ64QX10RGSDRK4AS1B
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