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  1. I was really sick with something 5 years ago. About 2 weeks after I stopped coughing all the time (I had been sick for 6 weeks or so), I developed paresthesia. I had a whole host of symptoms. I do not know if the virus caused my problems, but it is a possibility. Most of the problems mostly resolved after 18 months. I have flairs, especially when stressed, and may have had an episode this past winter. It is hard to say, because it causes real symptoms and can affect any system but there isn't any real) problem with the system. So, I saw 4 doctors for an issue this winter and none of them could find anything wrong - evidence of inflammation, yes, cause, no. My dad, who is actively farming and doing construction now at 71, spent a year in an easy chair in his early 60's. Some virus knocked him down hard. It took a long time for him to overcome the fatigue and heart issues. A woman in her 50's from my hometown picked up a weird virus about a decade ago. She had severe neurological problems afterward and died without fully recovering a couple years later.
  2. I purchased some things yesterday. The flooding in China looks bad even if Three Gorges doesn't overflow. Probably better for things to move out of the warehouses there sooner rather than later.
  3. If I had 3 kids and a small but not tiny space, I would put a comfy chair and reading lamp in three corners. I'd either have a table in the center and bookshelves along the walls or work stations along the walls (and I would have them as part of built-in bookshelves), depending on space.
  4. We had wind this morning, but we just have small branches down.
  5. We have chosen to see three families socially. Those three families overlap well with my kids and each other in regards to friendship. I teach kids in two of the families Spanish with one of my kids. I will teach a class with kids from a different combination of two families with another of my kids. TKD Districts and Tournament of Champions were both cancelled for 2020. My kids and husband would very likely have won a number of District titles and at least three of them would likely have competed for World titles this summer. All tournaments have been cancelled through 2020, so my daughter's last season while living at home has been truncated if not eliminated altogether. We are disappointed. Classes are happening but are limited to once per week with no sparring. Volunteering isn't going to happen since the kids who volunteered did it in school and kid program settings. Band at the school isn't happening at this point. That will make life easier. Ds13 has been taking 3 or 4 band classes at the local school the past few years. He'll gain a lot of time at home if he isn't doing that. AWANA isn't happening. Piano lessons aren't happening.
  6. I am sorry your daughter is dealing with this. I would not let my daughter walk alone, but I would hate it. My Dd17 has done self-defense classes, including pen defense. She is a big girl, as tall as an average man. She is strong and does martial arts competitively. She has spatial awareness and has good reaction time. And I still wouldn't want her in that situation. I think the body cam with a car following her would be a place to start resolving the situation.
  7. One of my favorite books is Treasury of the Familiar.
  8. It seems that Ivy Kids would compliment FIAR style learning.
  9. While she lives with me, it is my decision, but thankfully I raised her better than to think she would file. Just because something is legal, that doesn't make it right. That money was not meant to be boon to minimally employed teens. It was meant to keep people in their homes.
  10. My daughter couldn't work either of her part time jobs for a couple months. It didn't even occur to us that she could or would file unemployment. I would have been furious if she had collected an extra $600 per week (over 6 times what she had been making). Does she need money? Of course she does. She is headed to college in a year. But that would have been no better than fraud.
  11. Yes, I was looking for Dd's score. I checked late last night, and the message said it would be back up at 9:30 this morning. This morning it said noon tomorrow. It won't hurt to wait for her score, but it isn't a good time for ACT to look incompetent. After the fiasco with the July testing, they need to present themselves well.
  12. would you have time for discussions a couple times per week? I think that is all you'd need to do.
  13. I have tried a couple of subscriptions. My kids aren't into them and the products aren't worth the cost to me. To recreate something like it would be expensive, though. I have looked into making some for FIAR type activities. What would be great is to get together with some local friends and have each person make a couple. You pay bulk bbn prices and divide everything out. People did things like that with busy bags. It would be cost effective and fun. ETA: One example would be to buy a packet or two of origami paper and divide the papers out so that every packet had 10-20 papers. Add a few more activities or small objects and you've got a reasonably priced kit.
  14. Jacobs Elementary Algebra is my favorite math resource from K'er to graduation.
  15. We always thought we would end up on an acreage. We thought we would be transferred again, so we didn't plan on this house being our last house. Once we decided to stay here, we looked for something. Everything was insanely expensive, or too far out, or sold before we could put an offer on. We put an offer on one place for more than the asking price within hours of it coming on the market and still didn't get it. I mourned. My husband and I both grew up on farms in the country. That was the life we thought we'd have. It isn't that life is bad now, but it was really hard for me to let that dream go. I just try not to think about it now.
  16. From what I read it is long enough after symptoms start but before the virus is more likely to move down out of the nasal cavity. I'm not sure I used the best language there. But he got tested on days 3 and 5 of symptoms.
  17. I took one of my boys twice. Appointment needed but not a referral. It was the tickle your brain matter nasal swab. He got results within about 36 hours both time. The first was inconclusive, so we went back. We went in the perfect window. If symptoms had passed, he would have just quarantined until safe to be out. He actually quarantined during the recommended time anyhow, since I was concerned about a false negative.
  18. My 15 year old nephew could pretty much build a house by himself now. The background story is more than I want to type out on my phone, but he has been working like a man since he was about 12. My sister is planning right now to buy him a mill (not a big one like what comes to mind) so that he can cut his own boards. He is going to build himself a kiln. He still does schoolwork, but his heart is in working with his hands. My 15 year old just started his first job. He doesn't have the same skill set. He doesn't have the same nature as my nephew, nor did he grow up right near my dad to learn. It's okay. He'll be fine. Overall, I think we do tend to hold kids back too much these days, but every family thinks they are doing what is reasonable (or they would do something else, right?) so I don't see it changing.
  19. I don't know, but I doubt it is highly accurate. I looked at my parents' county. No new cases in about 4 weeks and those were in a family group. Six of the 10 cases were months ago. The have a 27% chance at 50 people. In actually, it is much closer to 0%.
  20. If you don't believe it is too political, it is probably because you agree with the politics. What I linked (how nicely euphemistic) spoke only to the lead in of the post. I had just read the resignation letter and found it interesting. To be clear, I don't care if people love and read the Times. It isn't the farthest left news source, but it does have a definite bias.
  21. I can't read the article, but this was written by someone at the NY Times. https://www.bariweiss.com/resignation-letter?fbclid=IwAR1frDrnCieISDLiQGbmJrs2H33wEtk-M6EHn0QRVV3CCXb4dalIgq1sxOs
  22. Expect pork to be shorter and more expensive about September. Dh days that that is about when the lots the farmers opted out of would have been ready for butcher.
  23. Of you change 18 to 13, this describes my situation. I know I have to get it done to have a good year. I hope July is more productive than June.
  24. My brother grew an inch in college. I did some googling just now. I have a son who is almost 16 and one who is almost 14. The 14 year old seems to be just behind the 16 year old in puberty, like 6 months or so apart instead of 2 years. I would guess by what I have just read that they will both grow significantly for a couple of years and then maybe creep a little. If I were guessing now, I would guess Ds16 will grow about 4 more inches and Ds14 will grow about 6. That would put Ds15 at 6'2" or so and Ds13 at about six feet. But I am basing that on voice cracking and amount of armpit hair, and it is an inexact science. It will be fun to see where they eventually end up. Ds13 would really like to get to 6'. He is our shorty. He will probably be taller than his sisters, but they are tall for girls. There is no guarantee.
  25. My grandpop lost two brothers to accidents. Whenever something would happen as his kids grew up, and things do happen sometimes when you have 10 kids, he would always say, "No one is hurt."
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