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  1. Jim Dale also does the audio for the James Herriot Treasury for Children. His performance of “only one woof” comes to mind for me often. If you’re a fan of the Outlander books then you’ll love the reader, Davina Porter. She does a wonderful job. Porter has also done several of the Sharon Shinn books in the “Samaria” series and a bunch of Marion Zimmer Bradley books. I particularly love a performer named Luke Daniels, he read all nine of the Iron Druid Chronicles and I almost enjoy listening to him more than reading them myself.
  2. So, it’s been a few weeks, and I’ve done a lot of reading/researching/thinking. And thank you all for the helpful suggestions. I am not a crafty person by nature and I didn’t want to just change everything we’re currently doing for some other whole system. I did spend some time considering Oak Meadow but I ultimately decided the tweaking I would do would undermine its cohesiveness. This is what I’ve decided: 1. I did appreciate Lori’s suggestion to just add on instead of tossing things. My daughter particularly thought science would be more fun than it is, so I’ve gotten the Blossom
  3. Well you’ve all given me lots to research, thank you. I’m going to do some reading and thinking and come back with some follow up questions.
  4. I don’t know what I’m looking for. My 8 (almost 9) year old has confessed to her dad in the car the other day that school is soooooo boring. This is not a new complaint from her, however, she is finally starting to be able to pin down what she doesn’t like. She has never really liked history and slogs through it because I make her. She feels like she is never good at narrating (and yes, she has been more challenged by this than her older sister). And she asked her dad why we never do fun crafts or art anymore? Now, we do art, but we aren’t a craft heavy family, we are a book heavy family, and
  5. I just wanted to give thanks for all of your advice. We’ve continued on in this vein and I’m really happy I switched. She’s improving so much, especially with the Math facts.
  6. I’m late to this thread but if you’re still searching for supplemental readers, you might want to check BYL level 5 and 6. She uses the 10 volume Hakim split over two years with a bunch of readers. You can look at the samples to see which correlates with which text. Here is the link to 5. https://buildyourlibrary.com/purchase-level-5-curriculum/ Also the Beautiful Feet books curriculum does older level US history and you can check their supplemental readers. http://www.bfbooks.com/Is-there-a-suggested-study-sequence-I-should-follow-with-BFB Don’t forget about Pandia Press too, and their try be
  7. Hi, I have a friend, a fellow homeschooling mama, who is going through a pretty terrible divorce. I have never been in a situation like hers and she is struggling with some serious feelings. It’s been 3 years since her husband left, and they finally got all the financial and custodial issues worked out legally this past summer. They were officially divorced last month. In all this time, she has tried her best to help her kids through it all. She hasn’t badmouthed him or the woman he left her for. She hasn’t complained about the months he refused to pay support to force her to go to
  8. I’m switching one of my kids to Saxon 5/4. We did the first lesson today and I’d read the intro and set a timer for 5 minutes to do the Math Fact page listed in the warm up. She did that, we continued with the warm up and did the mental math and the word problem, then we did the lesson and all the practice problems. But now that I think about it, I’m second guessing myself. She did nowhere near all the facts on the sheet. She just worked for 5 minutes. I figure over time and daily practice she’ll increase. In other places the instructions say to do all the problems, which we did in the wa
  9. I’ve had it on our calendar for weeks. DH and I are seeing it tonight. We’re in Philly and the 6:30 and 7 shows were all sold out. We’re going to an 8:15.
  10. If you decide to try again then either try an audiobook or get a used version at a Half Priced Books or the library where you can check out the cover first. You may have to let it go though. I hope some of the other book ideas help.
  11. I have an almost 11 year old who has similar tastes, and she has enjoyed a lot of the things on Lori D.’s list (which is an awesome list). The year she was 9, she burned through the Pippi Longstocking books, as well as The Penderwicks, Harriet the Spy, Because of Winn-Dixie, Flora and Ulysses, Esperanza Rising and Alanna: The First Adventure (about a girl who switches with her male twin so she can be a knight, but preview for some content about Alanna developing in puberty). That year we also read a few that could be considered more traditional “girl” books but she really enjoyed an
  12. Thank you so much for posting this! I ended up finding a PDF online with a pamphlet that has easy to print charts, so now my exercise resistant 5th grade daughter can just look at where she is and cross it off the chart. 3rd grade sister and I are doing it with her and I’ve named her our PE leader. So basically, I’m supervising, since it’s only 12 minutes and we are doing it right before lunch each day. I’m betting that if I do it with her all of 5th grade she’ll be able to maintain it independently in 6th. Here is the link to the PDF for anyone interested and I also found a YouTube vide
  13. I can’t speak to what you should do from the perspective of WWE because we didn’t use that series, however, one of my kids frequently wanted to write her narrations at that age as well. She had different motivations about it so you might have to figure out what inspires your daughter. Sometimes, my girl just wanted to practice her “fancy writing” (cursive). So I’d write her narration on the white board and let her copy it. This eliminated the potential spelling dilemma. In other instances, she wanted to use her narration as a jumping off point for a story, so I would either encourage her
  14. An update: hubby was home for the weekend and so we got in some movie time. I finished dish rag number 1 and the ball will theoretically make two so I started a second one. Also, I had planned to school today but with hubby home he ended up doing stuff around the house. This always involves him interrupting whatever I’m doing a lot so I scrapped my plans. It rained a lot though so the kids didn’t head outside much and I taught my older daughter and her friend to finger knit. Here she is modeling the scarf she made for her doll, Oberon.
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