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  1. We are a little paranoid about germs right now so I taught my kids to make the peace sign at people like short hippies, and to tell them “sorry, we might have germs”. I figure that’s more polite than “sorry you might have germs”.
  2. We play “multiplication war” but we call it circles and starship Everyone plays a card and then draws that many circles on a white board (or page protector with a blank page in it), then everyone plays another card and draws that many stars in each circle winner is the highest total. We also play a game where we write numbers on poker chips (I usually do this when we are learning to count money so I put 1, 5, 10) and then I take two dice, one with 1-6 and one with colors. Roll a number, take that many chips and total them. If you write on them with vis a vis pens you can wash them off later. Also we do something where I write a problem on the board (maybe generated in some fun way) and a criteria for judging a story (e.g scariest, silliest, most boring) and then everyone writes a word problem for the fact on a slip of paper anonymously and we all vote for the winner
  3. For my son with cough variant asthma, swimming has always helped. I have no idea how that works, but it’s really clear. Getting older has helped too. I am not sure that strategy works when one is over 21 though. The important thing to remember is that triggers are really individualized though. So what works for one person might not help another. For example, there’s kid in my kid’s grade at school who reacts to cold, and we’ve had several years where teachers have decided that means that all the asthmatic kids should stay inside during winter recess, but my kid isn’t triggered at all by cold, and exercise really helps him. So try things but avoid the trap of trying everything and then being so restricted.
  4. Do you have a link to where you got it? I was thinking of doing the same thing for my oldest as an 8th graduation present.
  5. Assuming this money fell from the sky, and wasn't because they decided to pay DH what he's worth, we'd both stay home. Plus, I'd buy a bigger house, and pay DS2's amazing math tutor enough to move in and teach full time. With all 3 of us teaching, we'd bring the other kids home and all learn together, with tutors for every subject I feel incapable of teaching. There would also be a maid and a chauffeur.
  6. That's a brilliant idea! A chapter in that is way shorter than a chapter in a textbook, so it should work. He has bookshare (something I forgot when I posted the original, we'll blame sleep deprivation). I bet they have them. If not I can overnight them. He is not phased by morbidity involving fictional characters. I think he thinks a lot about death, and so there's not really a risk of something reminding him of it? That's my guess, but all I know is that he doesn't bat an eye at it.
  7. Today was definitely a better day. He was calmer, and being able to communicate helped. Plus his math tutor came and they spent 90 minutes doing some kind of blindfold chess puzzles. I'm not sure I understand exactly, but he was smiling a little, and calm, and so distracted by the chess that DH and I were able to step outside the room at the same time, Facetime with our other kids, and eat actual food. So, definitely a win. Tomorrow's goal is the lungs. His eye looks and feels so much better, it's obviously responding to the meds, but his lungs aren't bouncing back the way they have from previous anesthesias. Hopefully they just need a little more time.
  8. My mind was right there with yours. I was pleasantly surprised to open this and find something I could show my kids!
  9. I have a small collection of Fantastic Beast Amigurumi ready for DS2’s stocking: a niffler, a bowtruckle, an occamy, and a demiguise. I am very much looking forward to his reaction. In semi-related news the gremlin who operates my autocorrect clearly does not get to the movies.
  10. I am super impressed that you found multiple choice lateral thinking! I would have said that was impossible! Thank you!
  11. Yeah he absolutely deserves better than this. Whoever said that this kid can’t catch a break is right. Having said that the fact that this responded to the antibiotics feels like a miracle.
  12. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be abrupt. I swear I am more polite when I’ve slept.
  13. I think a high school chapter would be too long, but AP books are a great idea. I thought of ACT science, but the resources I looked at had lots of charts and graphs. But maybe AP history or something would work.
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