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  1. I just looked up The Boy who Harnessed the Wind and I think famine hits too close to home for us, any other suggestions that are similar but avoid starvation and the death of children or parents? (already dead like Harry Potter is fine).
  2. My other kids watch plenty of TV, sometimes with DS10 in the room ignoring the TV, but they can tell me what they want to watch so I don’t need to crowd source titles for them. But this experience of them all watching the same thing and interacting around it, is something I’d like to repeat.
  3. DS10 would probably be fascinated by it, but starving and/or dying children would be a trigger for my other two kids.
  4. I don’t know the movie at all, I’ll look it up. My youngest could handle subtitles, I don’t know I’d DS10 could read them on our relatively small TV. But someone could read them out loud to him.
  5. I am a big believer in adoption, and have no regrets about adopting an older child, but I would caution anyone thinking about adopting an older child because they worry about their stamina or they think it would reduce health risks. The reality is that children are meant to be raised by the same people start to finish. And there’s just no way that a kid old enough to remember things ends up needing new parents that doesn’t have some trauma attached, and parenting traumatized kids who are learning to be in your family is hard. Is it worth it? Absolutely, at least I know my kid is, but it’s also heart wrenching and exhausting.
  6. I think it varies hugely by state. It also varies depends on what you're open to both as far as situations and special needs. In my experience, most younger kids who are adopted from foster care stay with the parents who took them in when they were straight foster.
  7. Do you mean the fact that it can take time to get a match in adoption? That is definitely true.
  8. I definitely think someone needs to start a brag thread for everyone here.
  9. Oh, I think I should return the one I ordered and get that one. Battery operated would mean I could carry it around. It would be easier to get time in if I did that. Is this a good one? I could get it shipped in time How many minutes did you use it in the morning? I can see people talking about using it in your circumstances or for SAD, but not for resetting the clock.
  10. This is a very dumb question, I am sure, but do my eyes need to be open? I mean, I couldn't put it on a timer and set it to turn on 15 minutes before I woke up or something could I? Or just turn it on and hit snooze? They don't make battery operated ones that I could just carry around with me do they?
  11. No, I will look about it. I already have one who takes things apart and one who would if his hands worked so we’re probably safe.
  12. If someone isn’t watching the tech, he alarms at least a couple times an hour. Not all of those things are actual emergencies, but they still need to be attended to.
  13. We watched Now You See Me which has that heist element and he paid a little attention, more than most movies, and he said he’d watch the sequel. But he watched a lot of the Martian last night. It was definitely the most engaged I’ve seen him in a movie.
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