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  1. Could be. Hopefully they stay away from us for the next couple weeks.
  2. I'm not sure keeping him out is rational. My guess is that if he hadn't gone, he'd have caught the bug from his brother who also came down with it yesterday. And if I kept his brother out of choir, he'd have picked it up at school, since there's a lot of overlap between school and choir kids. But, on the other hand, it's not even cold/flu season, so the risk just goes up.
  3. We’ve had a somewhat uneven start to the school year. DS2 (my homeschooled kid) is in the hospital for the third time in a month. The first two were quick, one night stays to sort out some medication side effects. This time he caught a germ at choir practice, but it responded really well to the IV antibiotics so hopefully we’ll be home in a couple days. I think that might be the end of choir though. We’ll see if I’m brave enough to send him back. We’ve got another longer hospital stay coming up in a couple weeks, so we’ve shifted our focus to curricula that are self contained and carry over to that setting. Life of Fred has definitely been the #1 hit. One good thing about all the short stays is that he can practice strategies that will hopefully be useful. He’s come a long way in his ability to do things like engage with us, tell us what he needs and stay connected under stress so hopefully everything will carry over.
  4. Does Uber Eats deliver jalapeño Cheetos?
  5. Discount school supply has 25 lbs on sale for $26. It’s Crayola brand.
  6. In my experience, the act of counting a behavior, is often enough to change the behavior. Partially because it's a way to tell the kids what you want without calling them out. And partially because it can help draw your own attention to what's going well. So, I probably would make a chart. A simple one that wasn't attached to kids' names. I'd sit the kids down, and say "I've noticed this and it seems to be a pattern, so I'm just going to count and see what's going on. When someone is asked to do something, and they do it the first time, I'm going to make a mark over here. When someone is supposed to do something, and they forget or get distracted, I'm going to make a mark over here. After we have a bunch of marks, we'll see if there's a problem we need to solve. If you notice that I tell you I'm going to do something, and then I do or don't you can make a mark for me too!" And then, when I remembered (which would be like 1/4 of the time, so this isn't really data), I'd quietly make a mark. And because I was doing so, I'd be more likely to notice patterns in me, like that my kids listen better if I say their name first, or that before they eat is harder but they do better if I have them repeat back, or that it's really only one of my kids doing this. And because my kids are competitive in nature, they'd notice which line was longer and they'd want the "good" line that they are all contributing to to be longer, so they'd be listening better. Then, after a while, when the chart was full, I'd take it down, and think about whether there was still a problem, and go from there. I am doing something right now to change my own behavior. I was falling into a rut where I was offering DS1 and DS3 the same foods over and over. So, I put a paper on the fridge where I made a list of every different kind of fruit or vegetable I offered them over the course of a week. And the fact that the paper is there, keeps it in my mind, so when I'm looking in the fridge, instead of thinking "carrots are easy", I think "Oooh, I haven't served them peppers this week." or if I'm at the grocery store, I think "I could write beets on my list", and I buy them and serve them. Interestingly, DS3 who is my pickiest eater, has noticed the chart. He asked me if I'm writing down what he eats and I said "No, I'm writing down what I offer. I trust you to choose what's right for you body." But somehow the fact that I think beets are important enough to write down seems to be motivating him to try things, and he's eaten things that I didn't think he would this week.
  7. In our area, many of the kids eat lunch in shifts. So, some kids have lunch 3rd period, some have it 4th or whatever. But, we also have late buses, so clubs can meet after school. However, a student would need to decide between this club and a sport, for example, Of course, you have to wonder about a kid's priority if they're willing to miss math for a club, but not soccer.
  8. Having lived in Ontario in the winter, I can't imagine bundling up to go through the cold to use the loo or worse, to come back from a shower with wet hair, in that weather. Otherwise that sounds lovely! Are there no yurts with indoor plumbing?
  9. Oh, I found the samples, thank you! I think that's not for us right now, but it might be a great resource when we get home and things calm down.
  10. An inspired choice! Although, I would also be sorely tempted by the giraffe costume.
  11. Do you have the flexibility to wait until there's snow somewhere, and go on short notice? How far is Santa Fe from you? I don't know much about it, but I always thought it would be a great winter vacation spot for someone who wanted both snow stuff and other stuff.
  12. I love the Lifeguard outfit, but I hope that Chip will be dressing up for Halloween. There are so many wonderful costumes to choose from!
  13. I don't know Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus. I just looked and there seem to be multiple levels, so I guess I could just get the one for the right grade? What is it, exactly, I mean I know it's a book, but what is in the book? I can't find a sample.
  14. Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. I feel as though it's hard to have a discussion of a book that you haven't been reading from the beginning. Maybe not?
  15. I normally don’t think I’d want a workbook for history but right now it might be the structure we need.
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